Automated GUI Testing Tools

Introduction :

Automation tools are a common part of testing in the modern day of software development task. We will specifically talk about GUI (graphical user interface) testing tools. When we talk about GUI, we must understand what it is. GUI acts as an interface to the user to interact with the system. The easier it becomes for the user to access an interface, the more efficient it is considered. At the same time it becomes very important that it offers the correct functionality. GUI comprises various components- menu bars, command buttons etc., through which the user commands the system about what to do.

To ensure efficient functioning of GUI applications, we have few automated testing tools to check it's robustness .

  • Squish - It is a cross-platform GUI automation tool, which enhances the quality of the end product thereby reducing the amount of time invested in carrying out the testing procedure. This tool is managed by Froglogic. It supports almost all the operating systems. Meant for functional regression testing.
  • Abbot - A useful testing tool for testing Java based GUI components. Helps in both unit and functional testing. Easy to use and maintain a track of an application.
  • Eggplant - This tool is aimed at businesses, enterprise software suites . It does does not involve diving deep into the code that lies beneath. This tool can be amalgamated with test tools from other vendors and easily help us generating the effective UI test result.
  • SWAT - It stands for Simple Web Automation Toolkit. This testing tool enables us to perform web application testing across different browsers. This tools is written in C# and is considered to have a robust Editor with UI recording mechanism and SQL tools. The major benefit is that it is compatible with multiple browsers.
  • GTT - It is meant for Java swing based applications. Comes with capture and replay functionalities. This tool is considered to be very robust and maintenance is quite easy.
  • HP WinRunner - It enabled a user to record and playback the user interface interactions as test scripts.it was an automated functional GUI testing tool. However , this tool was replaced by HP Functional testing (a set of software tools).
  • GUI dancer - This tool is specifically an Eclipse based automation tool for Java and HTML applications. Tests can be simply carried out by dragging and dropping only the required modules from the GUI dancer library.
  • QA Liber - QA liber is an open source and free GUI automation testing tool for testing desktop and web-based applications. It is meant for Windows OS . It doesn't require much knowledge of coding.
  • Selenium - It is a set of tools to automate the task of web app testing. It supports a wide range programming languages- C, Python, C#,Java , Perl etc. It is a cross platform and multi-browser supporting testing tool.
  • Imacros -This tool again supports record and replay of our work. It automates the task of uploading text files,images and web pages. Also enables transfer of data in any format.
  • Tellurium - It's a web application testing tool.
  • RIA Test -meant for Adobe Flex applications.
  • Samurai Web Testing Framework - It is one of the best GUI automation testing tool for Linux environment. It includes a set of open source and free tools aimed at testing websites.

The above list of automation tools serves the relevant purpose if the right acumen is applied in their execution plan.

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