Backend Testing Or Database Testing

Backend Testing
In technical terms, backend refers to all those applications and programs that may reside at server and runs behind the front-end (GUI applications). They are not visible to the users, but can be accessed through front-end applications which works as an interface between backend and users.

What is Backend Testing or Database Testing?

It is all about testing of backend system, applications or programs. This may include database and server side programs or applications. Hence, backend testing is commonly referred to Database testing or server-side testing. It is a type of testing that concerns with the examination of various aspects linked with database. These aspects may include

  • Database Schemas
  • Tables, Rows and Columns
  • Keys, Indexes and Triggers
  • Stored Procedures
  • Data flow and many other things

Need of Backend/Database Testing

Whether working online, offline, web-applications or desktop-applications, each and everything is loaded with database. Almost all systems and applications have a database, running at their back-end. In the present era, database has become an essential and core part of software application. This urges the need of safety and security of data, including its integrity, accuracy and validity, with respect to wide variety of data storage and access from multiple sources. Moreover, database testing ensures the quality of database management system and prevention of database, in the event of system's crashing.

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How to Perform Backend Testing ?

It usually follows a general approach, which is applicable in almost all types of testing i.e.

  • Preparation of testing strategy, plans and environment.
  • Execution of the test plans.
  • Evaluation of produced results.
  • Validation of these results with respect to expected results along with business requirements.
  • Reporting of defects and issues.

Types of Backend/Database Testing

Broadly, it is divided under two types of testing

Apart from above, database testing may also be categorized under following types of testing

Tools Of Backend/Database Testing

There are wide variety of tools available in the market, which are useful in executing the task of database testing. Few of them are

  • Data Factory.
  • TurboData.
  • Jenny.
  • Datatect.

Key Points:

Some of the noteworthy points in respect of database/backend testing are

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  • Ensures ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) property of the database, along with its integrity.
  • Different from User-interface testing, as backend testing involves testing of features and items which are hidden to users, whereas UI testing is applicable to items which are viewable by the users.
  • Testers should have solid understanding and knowledge of database server and Structured Query Language (SQL), in order to carry out the process of database testing effectively.
  • Effective in preventing system from issues like data corruption, data loss, deadlock, etc.
  • In-depth and full test coverage.
  • Effective for long-term stability and robustness of the software application.

Backend Testing Infographics

Backend testing Infographics

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