Banking Application Testing

Now a days, all types of bank either public or private are in the hoard of attracting maximum customers. For this, banks are adopting and making use of the innovative technologies, to develop variant types of application, so as to provide ease to their customers, to bank anywhere and anytime, at their own convenience. However, these banking applications are always on the line of vulnerabilities. The data and information required in these applications, involves personal and confidential information of the individual user along with the exchange of financial data. As such, any sort of compromise done with these data may bring huge loss, to both customer's financial status and confidence, in using banking application. Apart from the security vulnerabilities, banking application may also lack behind, in various aspects of utmost importance, from user’s point of view, such as performance, usability, reliability, recovery management and other various issues. It is, desired by the customer that an application functions, smoothly without any problematic issues.

What is Banking Application Testing?

It simply means, testing the banking application, to ensure its appropriate and desired working, after its deployment and installation on the user site or device. Basically, this testing is carried out to evaluate the various performance areas of the software application to ensure the delivery of quality product to the users or customers.

Features of Banking Application

Let's see, some of the desired or expected characteristics that a particular banking application may possess.

  • Built for thousands of users supporting concurrent sessions.
  • Well-integrated with the external system or software application, used for banking purposes such as payment gateway, Demat account.
  • Ability to deal with large and complex financial process.
  • Real time processing.
  • Huge space for storing data.
  • Speedy & safe transactions.
  • Supporting multiple languages and compatibility with variant types of platform.
  • Supports Bancassurance activities, simultaneously.
  • Equipped with the Disaster management technology.

How to do it?

The task of testing the banking application may be carried out in multiple phases along with the help of the professionals having expertise in the banking domain as their knowledge and skills may prove to be useful in understanding the banking process, better.

Requirement gathering and analysis

This phase, involves the gathering and analysis of the requirements and specifications pertaining to customer's need and business process by the project manager or business analyst with the help of the banking domain expert.


The gathered requirements & specification is being reviewed by the QA team, Business team, client and stakeholders, involved in the process.


During this phase, usually business analysts works on the documentation ensuring coverage of the all the business requirements.

Functional Testing

Performed by the testing engineers, either manually or with the help of automated tools, this type of testing is used to evaluate the working of the software application against the specified functional requirements. It generally, involves:

  • Gathering of functional requirements.
  • Development of test cases based on the gathered requirements, along with its review by the test engineers.
  • Test Cases execution either manually or automated.

Database Testing

One of the important testing technique, to test the banking application. Database testing is done to ensure, the integrity and validity of the data, stored on the backend server, Data loading, Database Migration, etc.

Security Testing

This testing is carried out, to ensure that the applications do not possess any type of security vulnerabilities. Generally, tester approaches both positive & negative testing techniques, to break into the system, so as to evaluate the security features of the application, & detect the potential security loopholes in it.

User Acceptance Testing

It is, the last level of testing, performed to ensure the desired working of the software application in the real world environment in the hands of targeted users.

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