Combinatorial Testing Tools

Combinatorial testing is a mathematical approach or method, to generate minimal & effective test case, which are sufficient to provide complete coverage of the requirements and the specifications.

This technique inputs the multiple variables(both valid and invalid), along with the possible factors & conditions, and makes use of the algorithms, permutation & combination formula and other mathematical logics, to generate test data and subsequently developing the effective test cases, and ensuring complete coverage of the specified functionalities and requirements.

However, there are some certain specific tools, which improvises the efficiency and effectiveness of the combinatorial testing technique, and are readily available in the market. Let's go through some of them.


  • Developed by the Inductive, it is used to generate different sets of pair-wise tests, using multiple variants of inputs and own-defined parameter.
  • This tool, is developed, to support multiple applications, such as mobile, web and desktop applications.
  • The generation of the test cases, may be carried out, either for the manual testing or the automated testing.
  • Useful in tracing the test coverage and simultaneously, provides the advantage of planning out the amount of tests required, to ensure the complete coverage, with in the specified or available budget.
  • Feature of exporting the tests, on different multiple platform or applications, such as in excel sheet.
  • Additional tests, may be added to the pairwise test suits, without facing any redundancy issues


  • It is a test design tool, which automatically produces test conditions, and subsequently generates possible combination of these multiple test conditions, to provide complete coverage, using only minimal number of test cases, in a speedy manner.
  • It provides thoroughness and efficiency, as no combination is being left out and no combination is executed more than once.
  • Equipped, with the in built functionality of "coverage / thoroughness dial", which is used to create test cases, in minimal or optimal quantity, on demand, within the specific time, as per the requirement, at any instant of time.
  • May be used for all types of projects.
  • Ensures the removal of redundancy in the creation of the test cases.


  • It is an open source tool, developed by the Microsoft, for creating pairwise tests.
  • The test cases generated by the PICT(Pairwise Independent Combinatorial Testing), are highly effective and efficient than those created, manually.
  • It supports only Windows platform.
  • It runs as a command line tool.
  • Provides various parameter values pertaining to test cases, which ensures the complete coverage of the functionalities.

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  • Developed by the NIST & UTA, Automated Combinatorial Testing Software(ACTS) is an excel based tool, which is used for the purpose of automatic test case generation.
  • Provides the feature of creating the test sets, from the scratch or from the existing test sets.

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