Cross Browser Testing Tools: Top 20

With the advent of new techniques and technologies, as well as with the day-by-day introduction of new and advanced browsers, the requirements for websites and applications that can perform uniformly across all browsers and platforms is increasing rapidly. To quench this need of the market, software testers are using a popular testing technique, cross-browser testing -to rectify any issues in the website and app, while ensuring its compliance with multifarious browsers. Performed manually as well as with the aid of automated tools, cross-browser testing is an integral part of any web based project. Hence, here is a detailed list of 20 popular cross browser testing tools.

Cross-Browser Testing at a Glance:

A critical part of any web based software/application and website, cross-browser testing is mainly executed to ensure the consistent and uniform behaviour and functionality of a web app and software on different environments. Moreover, it validates that the website, web application or software works on an acceptable number of browsers.

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Cross-Browser Testing Tools:

The process of cross-browser testing is executed manually as well as with the assistance of numerous automated tools available in the market. These simplify the process of testing and ensure optimum user experience and accessibility. Moreover, the automated cross-browser testing makes sure the process of testing is accomplished rapidly and accurately, without spending a huge sum of money and efforts. Therefore, the following is a list of the top cross browser testing tools:

Cross Browser Testing Tools

  1. BrowserShots:
  2. An open-source, easy to use, and 100% free web browser testing platform, BrowserShots allows testers to test websites on various browsers and operating systems. This tool allows cross-compatibility testing with great customization options. BrowserShots can be used to take screen-shots of web pages rendered by real browsers on different operating systems.

  3. SeeTest:
  4. A very important cross-browser testing tool, SeeTest is Experitest’s continuous testing platform, used by testers to test web and mobile apps on multifarious browsers and OS versions. This tools helps accelerate release cycles, increases quality, and tests the functionality as well as the performance of web applications. SeeTest easily runs Selenium & Appium test against real iOS, Android, & desktop browsers, and ensures the accuracy of real user scenarios. Other features of SeeTest are:
    • Shortens testing cycle by executing hundreds of tests simultaneously.
    • Increases coverage as it has access to 1000+ combinations of browsers, versions and operating systems.
    • Helps detect & rectify defects quickly, while providing detailed screenshots, videos, and log files.

  5. EndTest:
  6. Another important tool that simplified testing of applications across multiple browsers is EndTest. It offers codeless automated testing, which allows testers to automate repetitive test across multiple browsers without writing the code. Moreover, EndTest promotes test execution on Cloud, which removes the requirements of installing the tool. This all-in-one platform offers an amazing free plan as well as various remarkable paid options, and makes the process of testing easy and hassle free, while effortlessly creating new test cases.

  7. Selenium:
  8. Selenium is one of the most popular automated testing tool used by software testers worldwide.This tool allows automating browser actions and can be integrated with TestING to perform multi-browser testing. Moreover, with the assistance of Selenium WebDriver the team of testers can easily code tests in any language.

  9. BrowseEmAll:
  10. This tool is an on-premise cross browser testing tool that offers a variety of features. BrowseEmAll automatically compares the page layout in different browsers and analyzes the page source code for any errors and compatibility problems.Moreover with this tool testers can record and play the application’s functionality and easily access full page screenshots and layout comparisons. Additionally, it supports a range of major browsers and their versions.

  11. MultiBrowser:
  12. MultiBrowser offers secure, fast, convenient, and complete cross-browser testing. It is a desktop application, where all tests are executed right on the testers local machine. It tests on different versions of the same browsers and creates responsive design screenshots. Moreover, it automates the functionality testing and tests on real standalone desktop browsers.

  13. TestComplete:
  14. Developed by SmartBear software, testcomplete is another important tool used for cross-browser testing that allows the creation of automated GUI test in one browser. With the assistance of this functional UI automated testing tool software testers can easily and rapidly run GUI tests simultaneously across 1500 remote test environments, including browsers, OS, resolutions, & devices, which further speeds up the testing cycle. Other features of TestComplete are:
    • Ensure complete test coverage.
    • Improve software quality.
    • Supports multiple scripting languages, including VB Script, JavaScript & Python.

  15. Ghostlab
  16. : With the assistance of this tool software testers can connect to any number of browsers and devices, while keeping them in synchronization through navigation, scrolling, reloads, form inputs, & more, which means the testing is not only limited to a particular object but is also concentrated on testing the full user experience. This cross-browsing testing tools use the superior built-in inspector to detect issues as well as to find their source.

  17. IE Tab:
  18. IE Tab is one of the most useful tool for browser testing. It is an add-on for Chrome & Firefox that allows the team to view their web pages as they will appear on Internet Explorer- with just one click -while using Chrome & Firefox browsers. The IE Tab automatically checks whether a particular web page should be displayed using Internet Explorer or not, moreover, it offers complete support for internet configuration.

  19. Microsoft SuperPreview:
  20. A free cross-browser testing software, Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview allows one to test and debug the layout issues across different Internet Explorer browsers as well as platforms. With the assistance of this tool, the testers can check the websites in different browsers simultaneously. Moreover, SuperPreview allows them to preview and compare pages while they are under construction. Hence, it enables the team to compare different rendering engines in a single unified interface.

  21. Browserstack:
  22. Browserstack is a Cloud based tool that allows quick web based cross-browser testing and debugging on desktop and mobile browsers. With this tool, the tester can set up a comprehensive testing environment with the assistance of various proxies, firewalls, & active directory. Additionally, it promotes remote testing of pages, which is immensely helpful in finding issues and their sources.

  23. CrossBrowserTesting.com:
  24. Though mentioned at the end list, CrossBrowserTesting.com is yet another important cross browser testing tool. It is one of the most popular commercial cross-browser tool that has a wide range if different browsers and their versions. Available for multiple OS, CrossBrowserTesting.com supports over 1000 combinations of different browsers and operating systems, including mobile browsers. It has local host support and an automated screen-shot feature, which further increases it importance among various cross browser testing tools.

    Apart from these there are other cross browsing testing tools that are commonly used:

  25. LambdaTest.
  26. Mabl.
  27. Functionize.
  28. IE NetRender.
  29. Turbo.net(previously Spoon.net).
  30. Sauce Labs.
  31. Browserling.
  32. Ranorex Studio.

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A web application that behaves accurately and distinctly as desired in one particular browser, might not function in a similar manner and may encounter issues and defects when running in another web-browser, which can further hinder its performance and functionality. Hence, with the assistance of the aforementioned tools, the team of testers can validate their accuracy across all browsers and ensure its effectiveness as well as quality.

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