What is Delta Release?

What is Delta Release?

The term 'Delta Release' is often used in reference to a change within an application in terms of hardware or software. A change can be due to a variety of factors that could otherwise lead to failure of an application.

A delta release also known as partial release of a module.

The term delta means 'a change', hence the name delta release.

Delta Release

A delta release is a type of release that takes place on completion of a particular feature change post a product release or when certain sections of a product undergoes some change.

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Why Delta Release?

A change in an application's module can be attributed to a lot of reasons such as some security reasons or some reason that could hinder the overall performance of an application.

Let us have a look at some of the prevalent 'cyber threats' of the present.

The scenario is such that an anti-malware software can come without a digital certificate or a signature. This paves the way for illegal users to invade a system’s security barricades. Over the past few decades there has been a tremendous growth in the number of such illegal cyber practices which has eventually led to drastic security compliances.

For instance, a well-known firm had to face security breach of around 76 million account details. The matter of fact is that cybercrime has been recorded the highest ever since the evolution of cyberspace. Therefore, the very concept of delta has begun to evolve in the context of software release.

Delta Testing:

The way cyber-attacks have intensified, the need for a more structured and robust testing process is in need. The idea is to replicate the exact threat patterns, as in the live environment, to be used in the test environment as well.

Release Types:

There are quite a few releases in software development cycle, delta release being one of them.

  • Delta Release: A delta release includes hardware and software change in a component of a software. Such type of release is undertaken as a result of emergency or temporary fix.

    A demerit of delta release is that sometimes due to time constraints the changed module is not tested along with other components. Hence the ideal process is to isolate delta release from the rest of the IT environment.

  • Full Release:A full release refers to the type of release wherein a software is ready with all its components that have not been changed. The criteria for deciding whether a software is ready for full release is to confirm that the application fulfils the performance criteria.
  • Package Release:A package release includes either all full releases or delta releases. The concept behind such a type of release provides a chance to fix minor errors or to introduce some new functionality in the application.

The merits of building and testing changes within a module must be weighed against the chances of a program becoming too complex.


Delta Release is bound to possess risk due to lack of regression testing. During the process of delta release a module under consideration may not be linked to all Configuration items within the release unit. A delta release is sometimes preferred over a full release as it saves expense and time.

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