Facilitated Application Specific Techniques

Being single and independent is best according to many people. But when people are together lots of great things can happen as well as lots of unwanted things can happen. As in the point at which people's meet lots of ideas on one topic from different minds arises this gives lots and lots of ideas to solve the problem, if any arises. A group of whole some of people can work in a faster time than a single doing person does. And the negative impact here is that a group of people consist with lots of arguments and fights which never ever stop.

So when talking about the professional life for e.g. a software engineer and a customer if they works simultaneously on their own no one is going to get the benefit. They think they work separately but they should work as a team. In this there will be so much formal work, paper work, questions and answers discussions, sessions misunderstanding and there will be an unsuccessful good relationship with each other. And to maintain a good equation with informal works to laughter of discussions to serious discussions it is really important for a healthy work. So they should consider themselves as in a team to have good discussions on their topic rather than question and answering.

For all the above consequences a team is established who will look after this approach of good work by analysis and specification. So this is done by the oriented approach team of FACILITATED APPLICATION SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES. This team encourages the creations of the joint team work. It helps them to look after their problem and give solutions in a team for the good work.

This facilitated application specific techniques has become the dominant approach in the world now. It follows the approach of the team and then set the proper discussion types of communications without the arguments. A smooth work should be maintained. So by doing this, this will improve the good communications between them and then they can be improved very much on the whole sole software.

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Different approaches have been added to facilitated application specific techniques with different proposals like joint application development. Each approach has some variations with the other approaches. But the basic guideline is followed by everyone which includes:

  • A meeting should be conducted at neutral site from which both software engineers analyst and customers are satisfied to visit and it should be attended by both of them.
  • There are rules for the participation and preparation which are established.
  • There is an agenda which needs to be followed like formal enough to cover the important points but informal enough to cover all the free flow of ideas which means you need to be informal/formal in your prescribed meetings for the healthy relationships.
  • A person who is facilitator like customer or developer or an outsider is assigned so that he controls the meeting.
  • A definite mechanism is must for a meeting to proceed. You need definite graphics, charts, maps in your meeting for the valid to the appropriate points for the successful meeting.
  • The goal of the meeting should be achieved. It should be kept in mind that the goal you have set for the meeting is achieved. The identification of the problem should be properly done with the implementation of different approaches in the good atmosphere.

These steps need to be followed for the organizations of the meetings. Now let's discuss the steps of activities which decides the idea for the implementation of the good work occurs on follow up meets.

  • Formal Q & A meeting is conducted between developer and customer. General idea about the problems should be discussed.
  • Then from both the sides a report is maintained.
  • The meeting place and time needs to be discussed for FAST.
  • After that the products request reports are distributed to the attendees.
  • Each attendee is asked to make list of three objects:
    • Objects used by system.
    • Objects produced by the system.
    • Objects that will be part of environment that will surround the system.

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One more list is made by attendee for list of service interacting with the objects.

So this kind of team approach definitely benefits and improves communications and discussion and will make a strong and healthy step towards the development.

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