Factors Affecting Test Effort in Software Testing


After software development stage, it is very important to perform testing to measure performance and speed like variants. But, before testing, it is necessary to analyse what strategies or approaches we are going to apply, how to schedule testing for each module. At that time, make sure the process we are going to implement is beneficial or not. Otherwise, this will lead to major complications, resulting into utilization of large amount of large amount of time in rectifying and correcting the problematic issues.The test effort may be defined as the expenses to be incurred by the testing team in meeting the testing goals. Through this article, we are going to express major factors which affects test effort in software testing.

The fundamental factors that affecting Test Effort in Software Testing are given below:

  • Documentation:

    Maintaining good documentation with detailed information overall adds advantage to software development project. Considerable amount of time and effort is being required to produce quality documentation work. Further, inappropriate documentation may lead to delays in the project schedules.

  • Software Application Size:

    Stiff competition in the market to attract user with their product and services has made most of the organization to keep integrating new feature and functionalities throughout the development life cycle. This results into expansion of the project along with the team size and other considerable factors, and consequently affects the test efforts.

  • Software Life Cycle:

    Selection of software development life cycle model is the most influential factor in the test efforts. For each and every addition of new functionalities or features by the developers, tester is bound to perform repetitive regression testing of the application. This repetitive regression testing of the system may impact the project cost and deadline.

  • Process Maturity:

    In any software development, maturity of the process significantly impacts the test efforts. Introducing and managing changes in the already existing mature process is a difficult task to execute as these changes are need to be introduced with utmost care and needs considerable amount of time. Further, to verify and validate these changes, regression tests along with all the tests executed earlier, needs to be repeated once again, thereby increase the development time.

  • Time:

    Everyone wants to reduce time related factors to level-up the competition in the market. The amount of time required to perform various tests by testing team should be decided appropriately. Otherwise the whole system will face shortage of time, hence the project at risk.

  • Skilled Team:

    To deliver good quality of results it very important to have a competent team of skilled professionals. Skills and knowledge possessed or acquired by each of the team member directly affects the efforts, to be required in the testing of the application.

  • Team and Work Relationship:

    In any team, it is essential to have strong bonding between the team members to accomplish and meet the specified goals and objectives. Thus, what sort or nature of relationship exist amongst the team member also affects the test efforts.

  • Test Results:

    The test results are the foremost part in the overall estimation of test effort. After the successful execution of tests, it's important to end up the process with accurate and relevant results. These results not only helps in taking significant business decisions but also helps in identifying, detecting and managing defects along with the quick fixes and solution to correct the defects, impacts the test efforts in a much significant manner.

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