Feature Testing

Introduction :

To keep up with the upcoming changes in the tech industry, organizations add new features to their products regularly to improve its quality and functionality, which increases the demand of their product in the market. Apple products are best example of this situation. Almost every year, Apple releases a new upgraded version of their iPhone with new attractive features, which are awaited by the whole world eagerly. This regular modification and addition of new feature not only makes the world interested in their product, but also forces them to purchase it. Hence, by just implementing few new features into their product, Apple is able to upsurge its purchase and generate a huge profit from it.

Features, therefore play a very important role in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). They define a product and differentiate it from other similar products in the market. Moreover, it is the features that define the functionality of the software. Software developers design useful, effective and attractive features, which are defined as the changes that add new functionality or significantly modify existing functionality. To ensure the quality and the specifications of these features, developers design software updates and use testing techniques like Feature Testing, which ensure bug free products are delivered to the client and the end user.

What is Feature Testing?

Feature Testing is the process of making changes in software system to add one or more new features or to make modifications in the already existing features. Each of these feature is said to have a characteristics that is designed to be useful, intuitive, and effective. Testing these features is extremely important and they ought to be tested thoroughly in every stage of the development.

The aim of feature testing is to make sure that software works properly to meet all the intended specifications. If any software or application is unable to perform the client requirements or execute the chosen functions with accuracy, it may lead to significant loss of money and efforts. As a lot of software is used together by organizations, breakdown of any software can become a hurdle in proper functioning of the other software also.

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Ways to Effectively Test a Feature:

The importance of feature testing is increasing day-by-day. Organizations are requesting developers and programmers to implement feature testing on their software applications and websites, to ensure their uniqueness and proper functioning. Developers too are investing their extra efforts and using innovative ways of designing features, while performing thorough testing to validate their quality and to make necessary changes.

However, to achieve these, it is extremely important to effectively test a feature before initiating its process. All bugs and defects in the features should be found during testing stages otherwise it could cause huge productivity loss. Therefore, a tester should take some precautions while testing a feature during the early stages of development cycle. By following the below mentioned ways a tester can effectively test a feature and get best results:

  1. Accurate Understanding of the Feature:
  2. The team of testers should have an accurate knowledge and understanding of the feature. All the related requirements and specifications should be read properly as it will assist them in testing the features of the software before its execution in the system.

  3. Creating Various Test Scenarios:
  4. To thoroughly test the features of a software, testers should develop all the possible test cases to exclusive test each and every feature. This will allow proper coverage of features as well as help them trace the defects and bugs in features of the software.

  5. Information on Positive and Negative Data Sets:
  6. Testers should have data cases covering all possible negative, positive and boundary cases before testing is implemented. By doing so, testers can track errors and bugs in the features and find ways to correct them.

  7. Knowledge of Feature Implementation:
  8. To get a clarity of all the areas impacted by an error or defect, it is important for testers to have the knowledge of how the feature has been implemented to the application. This will allow them to easily find errors and make relevant changes to the backend if necessary.

  9. Deploy the Build Early:
  10. If testers want to get perfect functionality and specification results, they ought to start testing the features in the early stages of the development cycle. By performing feature testing in the early stages, the testers will be able to report defects as soon as they are detected and make changes as per the client’s demands.

feature testing

Benefits of Feature Testing:

Feature Testing is one of the best ways of testing a software application. It helps developers and testers in detecting bugs at the feature level of the software. By performing feature testing testers can improve quality of the end product and deliver products with exceptional functionality. Other benefits of performing Feature Testing are:

  1. Can get better reflection of production environment.
  2. It tests cooperation between different modules of the software.
  3. Through Feature Testing, testers can test the functionality, not the method of implementation.
  4. Test basic elements of the software application.
  5. Helps create unique and attractive features.

Conclusion :

Nowadays, demand for software and applications with exclusive and different features is increasing rapidly. Organisations are more inclined towards selling products that have unique features as they attract more customers. To meet this increasing demand, developers are designing software features that are useful, effective and attractive. Moreover, by performing feature testing, they are ensuring that the software is functioning exceptionally and that no bugs are detected during its execution.

Tests allow testers to track the progress of the application, as it tests features of an application in different stages of software development. Most importantly, feature testing helps them create software as per client’s demand which further builds a reliable relationship between them. Hence, feature testing is the best option for developers who want to design software of recommendable quality.

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