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In the present era of rapid software development, almost everything requires the use of the tools, to carry out the process, efficiently and effectively. Similarly, testing activities, whether automated or manual, demands the specific testing tools, to execute test cases, with the ease. Functional testing is one of the significant and top-priority based testing techniques, which is used to validate the functional requirements of the software product, which were decided and specified, prior to the software development process. It may be carried out, with the help of the specific testing tools, namely functional testing tools that works well in the execution of the test cases.

Here, we are presenting some of the popular functional testing tools, which may be consider and use for performing the functional testing.

  1. Sahi:
    • An open source and automation testing tool, released under Apache License 2.0 Open Source License, for the purpose of web application testing.
    • It is written in Java and JavaScript, and is being considered for most of the testing techniques.
    • It is well-suited, for performing the cross browser testing, along with the AJAX and dynamic contents.
    • As Sahi runs as a proxy server, it is browser independent.
    • It can record and playback at any browser, whether desktop or mobile.
    • Robust, light-weight and scalable.
    • In-built report.
  2. SoapUI:
    • An open source functional testing tools, used to carry out the testing of the web applications.
    • Easy and simple to design and create test-suites, test-cases, especially, for the data-driven tests.
    • It provides the ease, to monitor and analyse the test coverage.
    • Useful for complex scenarios, as it provides code-free environment, and the facility of test creation, through drag and drop process.
    • It supports multiple environment, i.e., at any instance, target environment may be setup.
    • Provides complete test coverage for the rich amount of internet applications.
  3. Watir:
    • Watir, an abbreviated form of the web application testing in ruby, is an open source tool(BSD) for automating web browsers.
    • It uses ruby scripting language, which is concise and easily readable.
    • Supports multiple browsers on various platforms.
    • Support web application, irrespective of source.
    • Simple and Flexible.
    • Easy to write and maintain test cases.
    • Supports database connectivity, reading of data files and spreadsheets.
    • It provides facility of importing XML and structuring the code, to convert it into reusable library.
  4. Rational Functional Tester:
    • An automation tool, developed by the "Rational Software" division of the IBM.
    • It is, both functional and regression testing tool, which is used for testing the software applications.
    • Supports wide range of applications, such as web-based application, .Net, Java, Adobe Flex, SAP, AJAX and many more.
    • Provides scope to edit test scripts, using common natural language, with the help of the screenshots.
    • Provides the ScriptAssure technology, to automate tests resilient to frequent changes in the application user-interface.
    • Supports linux and windows, only.

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  6. Selenium:
    • Open Source tool, for performing functional testing, on both web applications and desktop applications.
    • It automates browsers and web application for performing testing.
    • It provides flexibility to customize the automated test cases.
    • Supports the execution of the one's tests, over multiple browsers.
    • Provides advantage of writing test scripts, as per the requirements, using WebDriver.
  7. SilkTest:
    • Developed by the MicroFocus International(Borland(Segue Software)), it is an automated functional testing tool, which is used for testing the enterprise, web and native applications.
    • Robust and portable.
    • Involves the usage and contribution of client or stakeholders, Business Analyst, QA team and development team.
    • Effective, in converting script commands into graphical user interface(GUI) command.
    • Enables Cross Browser testing.
    • Supports Mobile platform.
    • Key-word driven testing.
  8. Canoo WebTest:
    • An open source tool, for performing functional testing of the web applications.
    • Platform independent.
    • Simple and fast.
    • Excellent Reporting system, which helps to understand the failures occurred, during the test execution, in no time.
    • It does not displays on your computer screen and thereby, provides the advantage, to carry out other sorts of working on the computer, in parallel to the test case execution.
    • Easy to extend, to meet the growing and incoming requirements.

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