GUI Testing vs Usability Testing

GUI testing:

A GUI or a graphical user interface basically enables interaction between a user and a software product with the aid of objects such as menu, click buttons, windows, dialogue boxes, scroll bars, etc. GUI testing involves checking for consistency in interaction of the user with these visual objects embedded for navigation and use of the product.

Usability testing:

This testing is performed to gauge the effectiveness of navigation on a software product by a user. It relates to how friendly the interface of an application is when seen from the eyes of a user. In other words, it checks the practicability of a software product and the degree of convenience associated with it from a user's perspective.

Differences between GUI testing and Usability testing:

GUI Testing Usability Testing
1. GUI testing determines if the functional attributes forming the product design are working as per the expectations of the user. 1. Usability testing tests the ease of accessibility of the product for the user.
2. Only the front end of the software product is validated. 2. Usability testing tests the overall workability of the software product from the user's point of view.
3. Validation of the design specifications for the product is done. 3. It checks if the architecture of the user interface has been well conceived and is user friendly.
4. The system flow of the product is left untouched by GUI testing. 4. The systematic flow of work between different modules within the product gets verified.
5. Appearance and look of the application also gets covered under GUI testing. 5. The functionalities of the product get covered.
6. Examples include setting the right combinations for font, size of the icon or the dialog box, contrast. GUI testing checks all these object attributes if they are being displayed properly across the screen. 6. Examples include seeing to it that the most important text input boxes for the users are located in a manner, such that they are easy to spot for the users. The scroll bars enable easy navigation all across the page of a website for instance.
7. Result of this testing helps in attracting greater number of users owing to it’s increased attractiveness. 7. This form of testing is also useful for attracting a greater share of users in the market.
8. GUI testing is useful but lesser in priority when compared with usability testing. 8. When compared with GUI testing, its relevance is more.
9. This form of testing is necessary when the developers are targeting a specific user base such as disabled people. 9. Not so useful while planning an application for a unique user base.

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