Types Of Mobile Device Testing

The modern world is turning out to be a complex maze as it is interconnected by different devices and networks. Mobile phones are dominating the global technological landscape owing to convenience, affordability, and utility. Each year millions of mobile devices are manufactured and purchased by the burgeoning global population.

A mobile phone is an advanced device which facilitates communication from practically anywhere on the planet. With an improvement in technology, mobile phones are turning out to be more useful, and a large number of people are dependent on mobile phones for tasks other than calling or communication. This has been possible with the onset of mobile application revolution in the recent past. Mobile testing is the process of testing a mobile phone for performance under different conditions and analyzing the impact of an application on the device. Mobile testing is a complex process, involves a lot of efforts, and there are various types of mobile app testing. Some are as follows:

  • Functional Testing: Function testing is done to ensure that all the functions and features of a mobile application are working just as they should be and according to the requirements. This test is done to check the user interface and call flow.
  • Laboratory Testing: Lab testing is carried out primarily by network carriers by stimulating a wireless network to find out a glitch when an application uses voice/data connection to perform a function.
  • Performance Testing: Performance testing is performed to check the performance and behavior of a mobile app under various circumstances. The behavior is recorded in a variety of conditions such as low battery, low memory, no or bad network coverage, etc. Testing is carried out to check server and client side performance of an application.
  • Memory Leakage Testing: Memory leakage testing is done to ensure that any function of mobile app does not stress up the mobile memory, which results in poor performance of application and slowdown of a mobile. Mobile phones suffer the limitation of limited memory, so memory leakage is an important aspect of testing to ensure the success of a mobile app.
  • Interrupt Testing: Interrupt testing is done to check the behavior of a mobile app during an instance of interruption owing to an incoming or outgoing call, SMS, notification, Battery discharge, data transfer, network failure, or other functionality of a mobile device.
  • Usability Testing: Usability testing is done to check if the application is fulfilling its objectives and is successful in getting desired response of a user. Usability testing is done to check friendliness, uniformity of user experience across mobile devices, platforms, and environments.
  • Installation Testing: Installation testing aims to remove failure of an app during fresh or re-installation to a mobile device. The process involves checking an app for successful installation, update or uninstall without an instance of failure.

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Apart from these basic tests, some other tests are also performed to enhance the mobile app experience for a user and to ensure smoother functioning of a mobile app under various environments and conditions. These are done to check instances of certification, security errors, location problems and other instances of a glitch during usage.

  • Certification Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Location Testing
  • Outdated Software Testing
  • Load Testing

Mobile testing is a typical phenomenon in which developers and testers face challenging issues to deal with a multitude of operating systems and their versions, devices, carriers, data speed, screen size, input controls and a host of technology. A well developed mobile app can turn to rubble if it does not pass the mobile testing and sail through the challenge of working flawlessly among the diversity of mobile devices and operating system.

Mobile testing is done to analyze the quality and ensure only high-quality apps are available to work on mobile. This improves the utility of a mobile device and enhances the user experience from a mobile device.

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