Pilot Testing

Testing in all its forms is very complex. Although the nature of any one kind of testing might not be too complicated but when each type of testing is combined, together, it forms a complex network. The end result of this intricate and exhaustive testing is a perfectly working software. The aim of this article is to gain knowledge about a testing technique called Pilot Testing.

Definition Of Pilot Testing

Pilot Testing is that process where a group of users tries the software in totality, prior to its final launch or deployment. At the end of testing, these users give a feedback about the function, feel and response of the software.

Need For Pilot Testing

Based on the feedback received after the completion of Pilot Test, the software is tweaked and bugs removed, if any, to meet the end user expectations. Thus, we can say that Pilot Testing is a way to ensure that from the end user viewpoint also the software meets all expectations.

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Requisites For Pilot Testing

The main requisites for conducting successful Pilot Testing are:

  • Building The Appropriate Environment – For testing of any kind, the appropriate environment is an essential. When it comes to Pilot Testing, same is the case. The proper hardware and software have to be present but more than that the environment should be the same as what a real time user would face. Therefore, it is essential to building the same situation and atmosphere.
  • Finding The Right Mix Of Testers – When carrying out Pilot Testing, the test manager has to ensure that he has the correct mix of testers that actually represent the target audience. If that is not the case then correct evaluation of the end user experience cannot be judged correctly.
  • Adequate Planning – Planning is a must when it comes to any type of testing. When conducting a Pilot Test it has to be ensured that all resources are in place in the right measure. For example, if the manpower is less then, adequate examiners will not be available. In the same manner, if there is a shortage of equipment then to the Pilot Test will be considered insufficient. More than anything, planning leads to the creation of suitable test scenarios that are useful in creating the test environment.

Benefits Of Pilot Testing

Pilot Testing is advantageous because:

  • It Perfects The Software – Prior to launch the software has to be perfect from all angles. Most of the testing is conducted by a professional tester who not the actual users of the software. To overcome this difficulty, Pilot Testing is done. This ensures that the software is in the prime state of health even from the actual users' point.
  • Easy To Guess Success Rate – None of the other techniques of testing are actually successful in getting the real users' feedback. This is because none of those tests are done by the users themselves. Pilot Test is successful in gaining the actual users' feedback. As such, it is possible to judge the chances of success even before the software is released.

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Pilot Testing makes it possible to fine-tune the software to meet the users approval. After all the success of the software depends on how well it is received by the masses.

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