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Every product that has a cost to it has to pass through a quality test. Quality is of utmost importance, be it an electronic product, a piece of jewellery , a locomotive or a software product, quality forms an integral part in the process of their deployment. Quality is an aim to assure that a product delivers as expected.

Quality assurance, control and testing activities have a common vision, but indulging on different missions. Consumer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any business, whatever is being produced is meant for use by someone. When a client comes up with an idea in mind about his needs, it is the duty of technical experts to empathise with the user, only then one shall be able to deliver the right thing. A quality product is thus essential to build the goodwill, necessary for sustenance.

The attribute 'Quality' may be achieved by implementing and following three standard and established procedures, namely; Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Testing.

Quality Assurance:

Quality assurance refers to the activities that take place during the development of a software product. It is the process of verifying whether the expected results are delivered by the product under review. It ensures that the product development adheres to specified standards, techniques and processes.

Quality Control :

It is the process of reviewing the actual product. Quality Control intends to identify defects if any, in the deployed product for the purpose of timely rectification.


It encompasses various tasks and approaches to identify and discover bugs/defects in a software product.

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Sl.No. Quality Assurance Quality Control Testing
1. It can be described as the planned activities that are carried out in a systematic manner to ensure fulfilment of requirements. QC is a method of identify bugs, defects and other quality related issues, along with its study, analysis and correction. It is a process of identifying and locating the bugs, defects and other vulnerable issues, in a software product.
2. QA may be seen as a subset of a testing life cycle. It is a subset of quality assurance. A subset of quality control process.
3. It emphasizes on processes and procedures rather than carrying out actual testing on the product. It focuses on quality attribute of a product, by adopting and implementing various activities, including testing. Testing is one of the techniques of the quality control, which identify bugs and defects in a product, so as to improve its quality.
4. It is about managing the quality. It concerns with quality verification. It concerns with the improvement of the quality.
5. QA is planning. QC involves the execution of specific and certain activities and methods, in the direction of achieving quality. Testing involves the execution of the tests, to evaluate a software product or its functionalities.
6. QA defines standards and methodologies which lays the foundation for achieving user requirements. QC is to make sure that the standards are followed in order to implement the work product. It ensures the identification and detection of the bugs/ defects(if any) in a software product.
7. QA is responsible for the entire Software Development Life Cycle. QC is responsible for software testing life cycle. It is accountable for the bug/defect free product.
8. It is a process oriented approach. A product oriented approach. Testing is also a product-Oriented approach.
9. QA is a failure prevention system. QA is a corrective measure mechanism Testing is a failure detection system.

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This topic brings to the fore the relevance of quality in every matter that is present around us. With efficient and effective quality assurance, quality control and testing activities on shall succeed in building up a strong edifice upon which the future shall flourish.

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