Scenario Testing

Human beings can't foresee the unexpected situations or circumstances, with whom they will be going to encounter in the future. However, they can sustain it, via taking effective measures, by assuming themselves in the hypothetical but realistic situations, at present, and making themselves ready, to face similar circumstances in the future. This mechanism could be applied to software products, too.

What is Scenario Testing?

It is a unique way of testing the software product, which does not consider any test case, based on requirements, rather this testing makes the best use of hypothetical but actual and valid scenarios for carrying out the task of testing. This testing works brilliantly for the software systems which are complex, and needs credible scenarios and conditions, to evaluate them, with no difficulty.

In this type of testing, a tester portrays himself as a user, so as to visualize the real world scenarios that may create significant impact on the working of the software product, in the real environment. Thereafter, he makes use of these scenarios to maintain the quality of the software product, in order to withstand any non-desirable and unexpected situation.

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It's need

The need to go for the scenario testing may be illustrated with the help of an example.

A person, residing in Gurgaon, has a saving bank account in the ABC bank, branch- Gurgaon, since last 2 years. The person has now been shifted to Delhi. Therefore, he decided to shift his account from Gurgaon branch to Delhi Branch, for his convenience.

On his request, his account has been transferred to Delhi branch. And the next day, he visits the Delhi branch along with his passbook to get it updated with the last six month statement. The bank was unable to provide the statement, as they have found that all the previous statement concerned with the former branch has got deleted, in the process of account transferring.

This scenario shows the bank's system inefficiency to maintain the account's record, while transferring the account. A scenario testing for this scenario would not have let this situation, to arise.

Parameters for Scenarios

There are numerous test scenarios available, to be considered for each different situation. However, it may not be possible to go with all the available scenarios, rather this testing, emphasizes on those scenarios, which possess the following qualities

  • Must be a storyline.
  • Should be full of motivation.
  • Trustworthy
  • Complex
  • Provides ease to carry out testing, easily.

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The task of testing the scenarios may be carried out, through following methods or approaches

System based Scenarios

The scenarios which are considered in this type, are purely based on the system's requirement. This type of scenario, encompasses all the components of the system, in order to visualize and document the testing scenarios with respect to working of the system in different kinds of situations.

Use-case and role based Scenarios

It involves the scenario which focuses on the customer's intellectual, to use and handle the software product with different roles and in diverse environments.

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