Software Methodology

Software Methodology
Software engineering is a highly specialized branch of computer engineering that deals with the development of programs. It is a very well known fact that computers, tablets and smartphones use one kind of software or the other to work. But, any software does not come into being all on its own, it needs to be developed. Through this article, we shall try and help you gain some knowledge about Software Methodology.

Defining Software Methodology

When it comes to software development, the framework that guides the planning and structure of a future software are known as Software Methodologies. It is the process of dividing the software development activity into workable and controllable stages. The methodology will consist of specific and pre-determined deliverables.

History Of Software Methodologies

Until the year 1960, there was no framework for software development methodology. This means that a specified path was not followed while developing new software. Structured programming actually started in 1969. This led to a requirement for a systematic and methodical way of developing programs that could be followed from the inception of the idea to its fruitful completion. As a result, the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)) came into being. This is considered to be one of the oldest and most prominently known Software Development Methodology.

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Types Of Software Methodologies

There are two distinct types of Software Development methodologies. These are:

  • Traditional Methodologies – those development methodologies that fall under this category have distinct stages. Together, these stages are known as the Software Development Life Cycle. Only after the completion of one stage can the development process move on to the next one.
  • Agile Methodologies – as the name suggests this particular approach to software development is supple and swift. This is because designing, building, and employment of different parts can occur at the same time.

Benefit Of Employing Software Methodologies

A very well known fact is that until there are any benefits the people will not try anything new. As such, it was due to its immense advantages that software engineers worldwide embraced the development methodologies. Some significant advantages being:

  • Gives Direction – following a particular methodology provides a set path that needs to be followed. This makes the execution of the task at hand easy because each person is well aware of what needs to be delivered at any given time.
  • Documents Everything – the good thing about Software Development Methodology is that it documents everything. Even change in business requirements and deliverables is documented so that it is easy to modify the timeframes without impacting work in progress.
  • Create Backup – attrition is high everywhere. Code developers too tend to leave jobs midway and move to greener pastures. Following a set methodology helps create a backup so that if anybody falls sick, goes on leave or quits job, the work still continues without interruptions.


Software Development Methodologies are in place to make the work of developing any software easier and more streamlined. Over the years, many frameworks have been developed with their own pros and cons but with the ultimate goal of simplifying work. The focal point in all Software Development Methodologies is still the development of the software.

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