Software Project Management

As said "An action without a plan often leads to hell". To prove this statement many project managers promote the idea of creating a software project management program. It is defined as an art or science of planning a software project. It is described as a sub discipline of the management of a project. By doing so, software project is implemented, controlled and managed in order to take it to a physical level.

An IT company is mostly seen to be engaged in development of software on a regular basis. This is a long process which is divided in to parts. These are as follows:

  1. Software Creation
  2. Software Project Management

Every project created by software companies is a result of well-defined task executed in a proper manner. It is defined as a task that is combination of various other operations that are carried to attain a goal. Features of a designed project by a software company are as follows:

  1. A set defined goal of software is a main characteristic of a software project.
  2. It does not involve regular set of activities.
  3. It starts and ends in a defined period of time.
  4. A complete blend of adequate resource such as time, money, manpower, finance material and knowledge-bank is required.
    1. A software management program is defined to be a calculated and complete process of developing software. The creation of this intangible product is a project that includes everything starting from collecting a requirement. It also includes testing of the program created and maintained. This entire process is successfully carried as per the methodologies of execution. It is done for a specified period of time.

      Importance Of Software Program Management

      1. The management of software program is required because not many software builders have experience of creating new software.
      2. The tailor made software is generally made to fit for the needs and requirements of clients.
      3. The change in technology is so advanced that experience gained from software is completely different from the other.
      4. Frequent business changes and constraints in environment helps in bringing risk in software management.

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      Three most integral factors of software organization is as follows:

      1. Delivering product with high quality.
      2. Maintaining cost of the software.
      3. Timely delivery of the project.

      In order to keep these factors that may have a negative or positive impact on the development of a software project. Hence, it is considered to include the requirements of user along with the budget and time constraints.

      Software Project Management Activities

      It comprises of various activities that includes activities and processes that needs to be done that results in the creation of a highly deliverable software product.

      These include:

      1. Project planning
      2. Scope management
      3. Project estimation

      Project Planning

      It is one of the important tasks which begin even before a project starts. It is initiated from the beginning itself as the production of software begins. In this process, a concrete plan is made that lays the phases in which a software will develop and move in a certain direction. It gives a shape to an idea which is likely to build in a positive manner.

      Scope Management

      The scope management is a process of preparing a technique that will help in defining the scope of a project. It is used to define the credibility of a project. In this way, the future of a project is defined in a meaningful manner.

      Project estimation

      Every project has some amount of initial cost involved in it. It is considered important to decide or create project estimation in advance. This will help in determining the amount of profit expected by the project.

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