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Software testing is one of the most used and the advanced technology which is used in almost all the companies. Testing software is one of the most important things when an application is developed. Every website or the application should be bug free. This has to be done by using software testing. Testing the whole application and finding the errors or the bugs helps to make the application or the website error free. This step is essential before releasing the application to the live session. This is done by following various methods and steps. There are many software testing methods.

Uses of Storage Testing

  1. Storage Testing is a testing technique that checks whether there is sufficient space or memory in the database to store data or the information. Also, this verifies if there is no space and memory is running low, if so then it has to make sure that the data terminates and is stored in a different place.
  2. Storage Testing also checks if the data has to be stored or not so that filling the disk space can cause significant downtime. Storage Testing makes sure that one has a space and the memory in the system and ensures that the data coming and going from the system has to be stored in the proper and the specified space.

This also ensures that there is space for every data. If not, it has to be terminated at the proper and specified destination. Storage Testing should ensure that the unexpected termination should not happen due to lack of storage space.

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What Storage testing does?

Storage Testing should also reach the users expectation and the specification. This is not really an easy task. The developers will provide the sufficient space and then they will give the code to the tester.

  1. The Storage Tester should check all the specification and makes sure it reaches the users satisfaction.
  2. In software development one will test how the software works and performs its storage functionalities. This also includes saving data using proper format, to the proper and the specified directory and the proper size required for the data storage.

  3. This Storage Testing should also be tested on its resilience for the problems in the storage like if the accidental deletion occurs or how it reacts for the required data files.
  4. The second thing is exhaustive testing of the technology related to the storage and hardware. This can be explained using the proper example of Windows Certification Program. In this Microsoft offers the testing kit know as Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK).
  5. Storage Testing should ensure that along with storing the data and the information from that system and also from the other system, it should also be able to read all the data coming and going from the system.

This kit is used to test and certify the storage space hardware based on the performance and the capacity to run the application in the entire environment using Windows Operating Systems. This can also be done using non-Microsoft certification.

Here one has to check the storage capacity and the performance of the server and the database used by the cloud computing service vendors.

Hence, this Storage Testing is one of the most required types of the software testing. A Storage Testing can also be automated testing. The manual Storage Testing consumes much time while the automated Storage Testing reduces the time. These bugs or the error in the Storage Testing has to transfer to the development team where they will fix all the issues raised in the Storage Testing.

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