Test harness

What is meant by a test harness?

A test harness is a set of softwares and test data composed for the purpose of testing a software application or a product by executing it under different conditions and then checking the response and behaviour of the application under test.

What are the functions of a test harness?

  • Test harness forms the main supply of inputs for the software product under test.
  • Test harness consists of the use of automated tools, which is in turn is useful for increasing the speed as well as test coverage of the test cases.
  • Test harness also helps in receiving and judging the behaviour of the product under test.
  • At the end of execution of tests, the results in the form of log reports have to be recorded for documentation purposes. Test harness helps in that direction.
  • Some of the tests in QA are reusable in nature. Tests harness helps in the storage of such tests for their utility in future.

How does test harness function?

A test harness functions in two ways:

  • As an automated test tool: Test harness is also referred to as a framework of test scripts which can be run simultaneously with development. This helps in detection, identification and localization of all the flaws present major or minor in the software product.
  • Test harness in integration testing:Test harness is pretty useful in planning and creation of mock software modules in the form of stubs and drivers which form part of the top down and bottom up approach used in integration testing.

What are the benefits of test harness?

  • The use of automation improves the efficiency of the test process.
  • Certain test conditions are difficult to simulate for the testers.
  • Test harness can handle the creation of such test conditions.
  • Test harness helps to improve upon the quality of the test process.

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