Test Implementation

Test implementation is the immediate next phase after test planning or estimation. The test implementation phase aims to automate the test cases to uncover defects, if any, involved within the project.

After executing test cases, test reports are collected to analyse what went wrong and how to rectify it. Test implementation can be carried out manually or by using test scripts, whichever is suitable at a given situation.

Test planning takes into consideration previous project reports, inputs from experienced domain experts thus arriving at a conclusion what suits best for the given project and how to implement the planned test structure.

A typical test process post which the test implementation phase is executed -

  • Test Design - A design is prepared keeping in mind the test specifications.
  • Test Development - This is concerned with preparing test cases.
  • Test Implementation - Put plan into action.
  • Test Execution - Executing the test cases.

After test cases are executed it is time to assimilate the records to assess the test report to find out what leads to such bugs and what needs to be done to rectify such bugs .

We may therefore summarise test implementation and execution as follows:

  • Finalise test data, prioritise test cases and implement the test plan.
  • Write automated test script (wherever appropriate), develop test procedures and create test data.
  • Write automated test script (wherever appropriate), develop test procedures and create test data.
  • After creating test procedure, one may begin with creation of test suites.
  • Test for correct set up of the test environment.
  • Use of tools for executing tests.
  • Recording the results of test execution.
  • Compare and evaluate test results in order to find deviations if any.
  • Report bug summary to the respective team so as to identify the cause that leads to such bugs.
  • Finally, post bug fix, iterate the test activities to ensure that the necessary amendments reflect in current test suite.

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