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What is a Test Link?

A 'Test Link' is an open-source web based test management tool that facilitates testing of project to ensure quality. The platform offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for testers as they have a wide range of options such as creating test project and test cases. Test link enables creation of multiple user accounts and assigning various types of roles to the users.

Test link offers support for both manual and automation test case execution, supports a range of formats like excel, word, html and also has support for various defect tracking tools like JIRA, Mantis, Bugzilla etc.

Test Link Components:

  • Test Plan – A test plan is a complete list of steps to be covered in the process of pursuing the final objective. It consists of name, description and set of selected test cases, builds, test results, milestones to be achieved and the priorities assigned. One test plan belongs to a single test project. The description section must also include associated information with regard to the business process, namely, scope of the project, features that needs to be tested, test criteria, test environment, test tools to be used and possible set of risks involved.
  • Test Case – A test case simply represents a certain condition. A test case typically comprises of the following – an identifier assigned by TestLink, title such as T-user-login(to name a specific test case), summary, steps, expected results, attachments, importance (priority- high, medium, low), execution type(manual/automated).
  • Test Suite – It is a collection of test cases that helps in validating the output of an application program.
  • Test Project – A test project can be thought of as a product of a company or organisation that integrates new features and functionality as per requirement, over time. Each test project has an individual existence.
  • Test Specification – Test specification is broken down into test suites and test cases.
  • User – Users are the people who are going to access the Test link using their id's. A user may be assigned roles like test designer, senior tester, leader and administrator. Apart from these conventional roles, one may decide to create some new roles as per requirement.

Features of Test Link :

  • Option to assign roles.
  • Test cases can be grouped under test specification.
  • Creation of test plans.
  • Different builds of the software can be tested.
  • Creation of reports and charts.
  • Use of templates to customise user interface.
  • Integration with a variety of defect tracking tools like JIRA, Mantis, Bugzilla, Redmine etc.

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Advantages of Test Link :

  • Test Link supports multiple projects.
  • Import and export of test cases is easier.
  • Integration with many defect management tools is easy.
  • Option of automated test case execution.
  • Easier filtration/search of test cases with the help of version, keywords, testcase ID .
  • As there are multiple users involved, it is easy to assign test cases to them.
  • Test Link offers great ease in generation of test plans and test reports.

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