Test Plan Checklist


Test Plan is a great way to assimilate the various facts that are important from the point of testing and needs to be covered in the process of testing. The major purpose of preparing a test plan checklist aims to address the requirements specification. A test plan document thus acts as a guide in pursuit of a successful test process.

Test Plan Checklist:

  • Review Test Plan - The first step is to introduce the test plan by identifying areas of application along with other applications like -
    1. Identifying the project to which the test plan applies.
    2. Identify the purpose of the test plan.
    3. Standards to be adopted in the process of realising the ultimate objectives.
    4. Determine the specific aspects of the system under test to be verified.
  • Verification Overview - This section of the test plan checklist aims to offer an overview of organisational, procedural and technical framework. Verification overview emphasises on the following -
    1. Roles and responsibilities assigned to different members of the team.
    2. The channels or medium through which reporting is done.
    3. Determine the various levels at which one may depend for solving various problems.
    4. Prepare a Gantt chart for a graphical representation of the entire testing schedule, which consists of resources to be used, data, software tools, staff members and so on.
    5. Identifying various techniques and methods to be used in the process of testing such as its functionality, system installation, data integrity, volume, performance, reliability, robustness and security.
  • Verification administrative procedures - Administrative procedures include those activities that aid in resolving discrepancies arising anywhere in the project. Some of the activities of this section of the checklist are -
    1. Reporting, prioritising and resolving anomalies.
    2. It includes devising a strategy for deciding repetition of tasks when a change has been made. The changes must reflect correctly into the system so as to fulfil requirement specifications.
    3. If in case there arises any deviations in the plan, then what will be the various levels of authority to be assigned for approving such decisions.
    4. Determining configuration management system for reviews, tracing and testing.
  • Verification activities - This section is concerned with implementing the verification plans and procedures for reviewing, tracing, applying methods for technical reviews, conducting walkthrough, software inspections and audits.
  • Test reporting - This is the final review process which involves analysing the results post implementation. Test report includes the following -
    1. Summary report - This report is an overall report of the testing activities that highlights the major areas of emphasis.
    2. Technical review report - Addresses the various technical issues.
    3. Walkthrough report - This is an inspection of the program code.
    4. Audit report - An audit is a screening process through the various factors involved in testing, like the test environment, code etc., has to pass through. It aims at verifying the rights and wrongs.

The above checklist broadly classifies the different tasks to be conducted and the areas where the test plan needs to be applied. Various testing activities may take place depending on the types of testing to be conducted be it - functional testing, unit testing, load testing, acceptance testing, usability testing and so on.

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A plan is an essential component of success or failure. A test plan needs to be robust and effective to be able to accomplish the objectives.

A checklist is thus a great way to list the various activities or types of testing to be conducted to be able to apply the test plan at appropriate place.

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