Test Plan vs. Test Strategy vs. Test Case vs. Test Script vs. Test Scenario vs. Test Condition

S.No. Test Plan Test Strategy Test Case Test Script Test Scenario Test Condition
1. It is a pre-planned document. It is a testing approach and said to be a Subset of Test plan. It is a sequence of testing steps used in manual approach. It is also a sequence of testing steps used in automated approach. It is designed on the basis of possible number of test cases. It is a constraint condition that should follow to test the application.
2. It schedules QA project, scope, Roles & responsibilities, test objective, etc. It is prepared by QA team to accomplish Quality Standards. It is prepared by tester and is used in testing the functionality, and functional behaviour of the application. It is a program designed to test the functionality of the application. It is a detailed test procedure. It has a high level of classification of test requirement. It verifies the functionality and goals of test cases.
3. It consist a detailed workflow and understanding of components. It is a derived from Business Requirement Specification Document. It consists of both actual and expected outcome. It is used in performing repeatable and regression testing. Test scenario is also said to be a thread of operations. It is a part of system that verifies one or more test cases at the same time.
4. It also includes design verification or compliance test. There is only one test strategy and different number of test plans. Test case consist many test attributes such as (id, name, conditions, environment, etc). Single test case is a combination of multiple set of test data to form multiple test script. Test scenarios are important when there is no time to write test cases. Good test condition provides a bug-free system.
5. Manufacturing or production testing is done to measure performance and quality. It can be used in both small and large-scale projects. It is classified as positive test cases, negative test cases and user-interface test cases. It is classified into manual test scripts and automation test scripts. It is also said to be a hypothetical approach. Test condition provides specific approach.
6. It performs service and repair test which improves the life of product. Major components are business issues, test delivery, risks and mitigation etc. A detailed test case design helps tester to test effectively. The automated testing is advantageous for continuous execution. Good test scenario reduces complexity and repeatability. Test condition is an component that verifies features, GUI attributes, etc.
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