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There is a purpose behind testing and that is to make the software free of defects. In order to complete this task, all stakeholders have to be informed about the results of testing. This is where review comes into play. The aim of this article is to help the readers gain sufficient knowledge about Test Review.

Definition Of Review

Prior to understanding the meaning of Test Review, it is necessary to know what is meant by the term "review". The dictionary meaning of the word "review" is to think or talk about something so as to make changes to it or to make an informed decision regarding the same.

What Is A Test Review

A Test Review is a formal process where ensuing examination of the software is carried out to keep an eye on the results of the changes made. In a Test Review, the reviewing person checks to see if the changes made to the code, data or documents are correct or not. In other words, it is an analysis that has been conducted at a fixed time to evaluate how far the stated goals have been achieved.

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Classes Of Review

There are three broad classes of review, these are:

  • Formal Review – this type of review is pre-planned and consists of reviewers selected on the basis of their knowledge and skill set. It follows a set path and is facilitated by a moderator. The team attending the review is handed over the concerned documents well in advance so that they can come prepared. The team then discusses the documents and flaws along with their corrective action are suggested.
  • Semi-Formal Review – these reviews can occur many times during the course of developing and testing the software. It is conducted in the form of a presentation which is facilitated by the person responsible. Questions are taken throughout the presentation, errors are pointed but no corrective actions are suggested.
  • Informal Reviews – these are more of brainstorming sessions where there is no agenda. These reviews are mostly unplanned and as such the involved parties come unprepared. Also, the results of testing are not reported formally.

Types Of Review

When it comes to the type, reviews can again be broken down into three categories. These being:

  • In-Process Review – here the review can take place during an ongoing stage of Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Milestone Review – when the review takes place post the completion of a phase in the Software Development Life Cycle, it is known as a milestone review.
  • Post-Implementation Review – once all the stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) have been completed and the changes therein have been employed, the review that takes place is known as the post-implementation review. Many times it is also referred to as the postmortem review.


Test Review is a process that aids in the evaluation of the software by keeping all the concerned parties on the same page. It is a way of letting every involved person know the effect of the changes that have been made to the software so as to remove bugs or make it better.

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