Testing Insurance Applications

About Insurance applications:

An insurance application is the one that stores data of all those who are insured with them. Insurance companies have emerged as a saviour for us today as its reach spans across a wide range of industries that are covered under various insurance schemes.

Insurance industry spreads its wings across all sectors – health, property, automobiles, mortgages etc. so the types of insurance varies from health insurance, property insurance and so on.

Types of Insurance:

Among a list of various insurance policies, following is a list of few of them under separate categories.

  • General insurance
    1. Personal insurance - It is an insurance plan taken by an individual for his own health or medical needs, or in case of coverage of losses in the event of demise or an accident. Hence personal insurance could be – medical, accidental, property and vehicle.
    2. Rural insurance - This types of insurance policy is aimed at rural areas such as their business or an individual. Rural policies include all types of insurance plans – medical, accidental, property and vehicle.
    3. Industrial insurance - This kind of policy covers an industry’s project, construction, contracts and equipment from situations like theft, fire or any other form of damage.
    4. Commercial insurance - Such plans act as an aid in cases of property damage, injuries, theft or any form of liability.
  • Life insurance - Life insurance is a type of insurance that an individual chooses for himself or his family to get financial help in situations of crisis. Such policies are valid until the life time of the person who has applied for the policy or until the policy matures.

Now we have a fair idea about what an insurance policy is and what are the various types of life insurance policies. It is now important to understand the various dimensions from which an insurance policy is tested.

What is Premium?

A Premium is an amount which the insurer is bound to pay for a certain amount for which the insurance has been purchased.

Aspects to be tested in an Insurance Application:

  • Test whether if there's any changes need to be made in the policy life cycle in terms of financial or non-financial changes, policy lapse, policy aging period, due date for premium payment and so on.
  • Testing claims. In this step one needs to verify the claim assignments, assessing claim’s life cycle etc.
  • Testing channels of accessing insurance schemes. For instance test for browser compatibility, application's usability and performance.
  • Test whether the insurance application conforms to regulatory requirements. It is also important to ascertain whether the application generates quality data for reporting, applies formulas wherever required.
  • Data integration. Test whether the insurance application's interface works as per requirements, that is, the application is capable of taking the input from the user and pulling out the appropriate information from the data source.

The above mentioned points are important from the testing perspective of an insurance application.

Testing Insurance Applications

A sample snapshot of an insurance application.

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