Transaction Testing

What is Transaction Testing?

Transaction testing is done to ensure the complete integrity and success of business transactions taking place via online mode. Whether the software making use of the website to deliver the information fed by the user reaches the intended website without getting lost or compromised is checked with the help of transaction testing.

What are the types of transaction testing?

  • Quality transaction testing: Following activities are covered under quality transaction testing:

    1. EDI Mapping: EDI or Electronic data interchange which facilitates electronic transmission of data requires the information converted in electronic form to be mapped. Quality testing ensures that the whereabouts of information in electronic form are well tracked by verifying the process for EDI mapping.
    2. Quality transaction testing helps remove ambiguities in data content pertaining to monetary exchanges.
    3. Validation of data dictionaries: Every database management system requires the use of a data dictionary to lucidly organise all the data files and the relations between them with details of their name, and purpose in the form of a central repository. The entries in this dictionary require to be tested for authenticity and verification
    4. Optimum application of code sets: Organisations the world over, require a set of prescribed procedures and rules which govern the working of transactions in online mode. Quality testing sees to it, that the exchanges taking place via computing follow the code sets with as much compliance as is possible.
    5. Transition to new releases: Quality transaction testing checks that the transactions don't suffer in quality with the release of new upgrades and standards of efficiency are well maintained
    6. Quality transaction testing assures efficient standards for transmission of data.

  • Quantity transaction testing: Quantity transaction testing looks into

    1. Project feasibility of the system: At the nascent stage, every project specializing in the domain of e-commerce or transaction system requires quantity transaction testing to test for its feasibility. Whether the efforts that went into creation of such a system will bear fruition or not, is answered by this testing.
    2. Future aspirations of the project: Every organisation, be it from the e-commerce domain or the banking company plans for changes to metamorphose on to a larger scale for expansion. This requires the transaction system used by the company to adapt as per the expected. This requires the new transaction system capacity to be verified for working with greater number of customer orders and greater amount of finances to be validated.

  • Business transaction testing: This facet of transaction testing concerns itself to doubly ensure that all the needs of the industry are being met with the product specialising in running transactions. The transactions are not always of the same nature. They can be:

    1. Simple transactions: Those which are one time occurances or happen only once.
    2. Complex transactions: those which require a series of different events before completion.
    3. Ongoing transactions: Those which involve vendor contracts Other than these there are transactions which consists of end to end loops or those which are executed on different processors but centrally connected to a singular main computer.
    4. All these different variants of transactions are required to be tested for glitches before they eventually go LIVE. Business transaction testing caters to this final aspect of testing.

  • Compliance certification: Other than the 3 main forms of testing, every transaction based system requires to pass through levels of compliance namely:

    • Balancing tests (for transaction counts and checking of financial balances)
    • Requirement testing(for repeat counts)
    • Situation testing
    • Integrity testing(for checking of validity of segments)
    • Code setting (codes for claim status and adjustment )

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