Usability Testing Tools

Usability testing is one of the most important testing technique, which directly impacts the end-users expectations and experience, as it ensures the proper and desired working of the user-interfaces or user-friendliness feature of a software product. This type of testing is usually carried out, to make sure that the developed software provides a degree of easiness to its targeted users, to adapt it and have its good understanding, easy and convenient to use, looks attractive, etc.

Although, usability testing may be carried out manually, by involving small group of people, to use and evaluate the usability features of a product. But when, it comes to test the project of a large size, it requires good amount of usability tests and efforts, and thereby, demands the involvement of specific testing tools, namely usability testing tools. Further, it also ensures the effectiveness of the testing.

Here, we are listing out some of the popularly used testing tools for the purpose of usability testing.

  • A commercial heatmap/ site mapping type tool, which provides all-in-one solution to explore the usability of a website, by visualizing & monitoring the user's activity, such as visiting on a page, clicking, scrolling, etc.
  • Easy to set up and use, even for the novice and the non-technical person.
  • Enhances the conversion rate and helps in visualizing and understanding the user's activities and behaviour.
  • Unlike statistical and graphical technique, this tool provides four different angles or views, to assess and measure the number of visitors visited on a website, along with their activities. These are Heatmap view, Scroll, Confetti and Overlay.
  • Helps to track what visitors are clicking and what are being avoided or overlooked by them.
  • Asynchronous java scripts functionality does not slows down the page loading.
  • Supports secure http websites.
  • A click map type recorder tool, which records each and every mouse clicks, scrolling, key strokes, taps, tilts of the users, along with the corresponding time duration, spent over it.
  • Records and analyzes the real time user data.
  • Makes use of the heatmaps and the collected data in various formats, to evaluate the usability features of a website.
  • It integrates with the web analytics features, to study and analyse the interaction of the user with the website.
  • Supports multiple browsing platforms, such as IE, Chrome, Mozilla, etc.
  • May be used for the Offline testing or for the intranet sites.
  • No additional software is required to be installed at client or server side as ClickTale is a hosted service tool.
  • Ensures the privacy of the user.
  • Effective in finding out the java script errors, which are mainly responsible for the crashing of the website.
  • Transforms or extracts meaningful and useful information and facts from the collected data, for the purpose of marketing.
Usability Hub
  • A platform for running the easy usability tests in no time.
  • Provides the advantage of five different types of test, namely Click Test, Five Second Test, Question Test, Preference Test and Navigation Test.
  • Improves the conversion ratio, by using navigation testing.
  • A/B Testing may also be performed, using Usability Hub.
  • Most popularly known for its five second test, where website designs, landing pages, logos, etc. are uploaded and users are given 5 seconds, to glance, it, and thereafter some specified questions are being asked from them.
  • A product of Techsmith, which is used for the purpose of usability study of a website.
  • Equipped with the on-screen recorder for the purpose of recording the user's interaction with the website and subsequently, allows to study and analyze the real time user data.
  • Capable of PIP(picture-in-picture) features, which allows to capture the user's expression in a real time, using web cam.
  • Morae's real time chat feature, enables testers or users to communicate with each other, easily, irrespective of geographical constraints.
  • Makes use of the standard metrics, to measure various observation, such as error rate, duration of each task, etc.
  • Enables to share your session with your fellow colleagues.
  • Ensures Data Reliability.
  • Its structure may be customized, as per the need and the requirements.

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