Breadth Testing

Introduction to Breadth Testing:

While developing a software product or an application, it is important that after development, the product quality and functionality should be tested. Software cannot be judged or simplified by a particular testing process. The functionality is a prominent part in software application; same way for different functionalities, numerous testing processes are designed.

What is Breadth Testing?

Breadth testing is also defined as the test suite which is responsible to test the complete functionality of software product but not tests the features in-depth. The complete features are only tested in the depth testing.

Lets discover how breadth testing is different from depth testing. Both testing methodologies are used for different purposes:

  1. In Integration Testing, during top-down integration, developers are the only technical person who decides what to use, whether breadth testing or depth testing.
  2. In Sanity Testing, developers and engineers usually prefer breadth testing to ensure functionality related measures.
  3. In Functional/System Testing, there is a prominent use of both the testing methodologies to ensure functionality and features.
  4. Automation may be used to carry out end-to-end testing of each and every functionalities or may be used to perform in-depth & detailed testing of the modules/functionalities.
  5. In Test Coverage Metrics, both breadth and depth testing has a remarkable use, to check how many features are covered and how much we should cover in depth.
  6. To verify and validate that the changes brought in the module or code does not impacts the existing functionalities, regression testing needs to be performed under which breadth testing is to be followed by depth testing.
  7. In Context to test data, testing carried out by producing variation in the test data may be seen as breadth testing, and the usage of large volume and size of database/data to test system may be categorized as Depth Testing.


Exhaustive testing is not a possible task in the field of software testing, keeping in account infinite permutation and combinations, still breadth testing delivers a better advantage in encompassing each and every functionalities and features under test.