Test Suite

What is Test Suite?

Test suite is also known as 'Validation suite'. It is a collection of different types of test cases or it can be said as a container of test cases. It incorporates detailed information and goals for every test case with complete information of system configuration, at the time of testing. A test case also contains several stages and overview for every test. Test suite has several stages, which defines the current status such as Active, In-progress and completed.

A Test-Suite Diagram

In the above diagram, we can see that test plan is sub-categorized into test suites and these test suites may further be subdivided into number of test cases. This overall study of test suites and test cases provides a better test plan.

Types of Test Suites

Typically, test suites are divided into two types with distinct functioning. It also describes test suite importance and usability.

  1. Abstract Test Suite: It is a part of model-based testing and defined as a collection of abstract test cases, which is obtained from high level model of system under test.
  2. Executable Test Suite:It is also derived from abstract test cases, which provides the basics, low-level information which is needed to execute a test suite program.

An Example

An application has some metrics:

Current version: 2.2

Previous version 2.1 has 500 test cases.

For version 2.2, there are 300 test cases to test the new functionality.

Therefore, the current test case has: 500+ 300 = 800 test cases, including regression testing and new functionality.

Thus, Test suites can generate several test cases for each different requirement.