Defect Reporting

What is software defect?

While working with a software, sometimes comes a situation when a software does not responds the way it is expected to. In such times, the software does not meet a requirement of software as said in the specifications of the software. This is known to be a software defect. A defect is an error found in coding or logic that results in malfunctioning of software. Under such conditions, software is found to be incapable in producing incorrect or unexpected results.

In such a scenario, it is important to create a defect or bug report. After a bug is encountered by the team of testers a bug report is created. The sole purpose of writing a bug report is to identify a problem or a software issue. It should be done in such an order that developers can’t replicate the error again.

The software tester is supposed to create a bug report in a stylized format that gives a clear and brief idea about the defect is given. Following elements are to be covered by testers in order to create a defect report.

  1. The project should have an ID; an Identification code that usually gives a unique code to the project as a whole.
  2. Name the project so that it can be identified easily.
  3. The name of a product is an important aspect of a project.
  4. The version name must be specified.
  5. Module of the product is to be mentioned.
  6. The report should be strong to detect the build version of the product.
  7. The report should begin with a short summary describing the summary of a defect.
  8. A Defect report should have a detail description that defines the defect clearly.
  9. The defect should be presented in a numerical manner. Each step should lay a step by step description of the bugs found in the software.
  10. Display the result arrived clearly.
  11. The expected result should be explained as compared to the actual result.
  12. The bug report is free to attach few screenshots and logs. These screenshots can clearly display the information relate to the bugs.

What makes the reporting defects effective?

Being Specific

Make sure the report clearly specifies the action. The report should clearly state the steps taken to follow an action. By doing so, you will understand the problem easily by getting an instant action taken towards it.

Do not use vague terms while explaining your reporting defect. Only valid terms used in the report will help you to come in grounds. Do not hesitate in providing additional and detailed information which will be very much helpful to the developers in understanding the software issue.

Stick to your objective

The objective statements stated in the report should be objective and stick to facts or information that relies on clear statements. The report should not have statements that reflect emotions.

Create a defect

A defect report should be created as soon as possible. Recheck your reports for few numbers of times before sending it across.

Report Review

The defecting report is supposed to be lengthy and descriptive. Hence, the report should be reviewed more than once before you submit.

A defecting report can be written to present any type of error. These errors can be rectified after coming to notice in such type of reports. In order to go in a systematic manner, the teams should are suggested to follow a proper procedure of presenting a written bug related report. As a result, such reports guarantee to provide ultimate results.