Designing Your Test Data for Different Testing Types

If you are writing some test data, then it is important to input some data based on which test can be conducted. The tester may add some data directly at the time of execution of tests or an application can automatically pick up the information from a predefined location. Hence, test data can be any kind of input application, file or entries which are independently read from the database or any table. There are also chances that such data is available in different formats like xml test data, SQL test data, system test etc.

Preparation of appropriate test data

If we talk about it technically, then this process is known as test bed preparation. Herein all the software and hardware requirement of test data is taken into consideration. During the testing phase, lot of data is used and produced. Data holds the base for every working, and also various kinds of testing including functional testing is based on this. If the listing of testing methodologies is made, then a lot of data is used for the same. But it should be well noted, that a lot of data can bring a lot of confusion and disorientation in the testing process.

Handle data appropriately

In case, where data seems to be complex then they can be simply avoided by proper designing. Improper alignment with the test data can create a lot of confusion and trouble for the users. Users often wonder in what form or how should test data look like, but it is surprising that test data does not have any fixed form.

The test data is an actual input data which is being tested by the software. A data if well designed can meet different test scenarios and proves to be more useful in initiating and completing the test. It should be understood that test data can vary depending on the scenarios however it is important to have a complete set of it.

Having complete set of data, by your side enables you to prepare for it well before the test. But it should be well noted that designing can be a bit challenging at times, especially when you are running out of time for testing. In order to make the test data work effectively, one should maintain utmost delicacy and along with it give it a unique touch to make it specific and appropriate for software testing.

Performance test data

This performance test data is mainly intended for finding bugs. Herein the system is tested on its capability of adapting loads. The test data for such performance checks should be based on realistic assumption, such that correct scenarios and testing can be done. It is recommended to collect the data from customers, such that it can be close to reality.

Security testing data

This test is specifically conducted to protect your system from any malicious impact or unknown attack. Various sets of test data is performed which includes the following;

  • Confidential data: The protection of information provided by client has to be ensured.
  • Authentication: User login on test data is tested in different ways.
  • Integrity test data: The authenticity of the information is checked which is provided on to the system.

What is white box test data?

The test data is directly extracted from the code. This usually contains all possible branches, paths and might have invalid parameters or argument combinations.

Black box test data

This is quite tricky, as not every design of test data shall suit the requirement of Black Box conditions. It is first suggested to perform a test without any data. Later on, valid and invalid data can be added to carry out the tests.


Designing of test data might look a cumbersome task to do. In order to reduce time and effort, one can also make choice of automated tools which can speed up the work and also increase efficiency of performance of test data.