Dynamic Testing Tools

Testing tool Speciality
1. Adacontrol
  • It's an ADA language based tool to control the correct implementation of the programming rules inherent in the software.
  • Requires the use of Windows and Linux based operating systems.
2. Aunit
  • This tool utilises a combination of ADA packages to function as a unit testing framework for Linux and Windows OS compatible software products.
3. Ahven
  • This is a unit testing library framework for testing products based on the ADA ('95 version) language and combines the features from JUnit & AUnit.
  • Requires the use of Linux & Windows.
4. Dtraq
  • A unit testing ADA debugging tool, Dtraq additionally provides data logging facility on a real time basis.
  • Works well with LINUX os.
5. JUnit
  • This is a unit testing based framework for softwares scripted in JAVA language.
6. NUnit
  • This is an open source unit testing framework for Microsoft.NET
  • Enables batch execution of tests with the aid of a console runner.
7. Proofpower
  • This a test suit for validation of ADA based programs.
  • Additionally comprises of a compliance tool for correct specification of products scripted with ADA.
  • Works well with Solaris, Mac & Linux
8. PHPunit
  • This is a unit testing tool which utilises logical assertions to correctly validate the behaviour of the targeted unit of the software under test.
9. Parasoft Process intelligence engine (PIE)
  • It is a unit testing tool which identifies software flaws by noting observations from the course of SDLC.
  • Can be easily integrated into the software development cycle.
  • The defects are easily exposed and fixed in no time without any disruption.
10. Examdiff
  • This is a visual file and directory comparison tool useful for Windows operating system.
  • It enables code reviews and helps in tracking of development in files and folders.
11. Vega
  • This JAVA scripted tool is important for safeguarding security of web based applications.
  • It helps in preventing SQL injection, unintentional disclosure of sensitive data, and cross site scripting.
  • Can run on Windows and Linux.
12. Boundschecker
  • This is an API validation call testing tool written used Microsoft VisualC++
  • Helps to detect the root cause of many software flaws such as heap & stack faults, API misuse overlays,etc.
  • Woks well with Windows os.