Interoperability Testing

Software testing is a process or technique of testing a software or application to find errors/ bugs in it. Software testing includes the testing of an application completely. This is done by testing an application and making sure if it satisfies all the requirements and specification of a particular application.

Software testing helps to reduce the errors or the bugs and makes the application perfect. So, software testing is one of the most required technologies in almost all the companies. Software testing is of many types like manual testing, automation testing and many more.

Interoperability means the capacity of a software to interact with the softwares or application. Interoperability testing is one of the most used software testing. In this testing, an application is tested, to verify whether the application is compatible with others application. Also, checking is done to ensure if the application promotes the cross usage functionality.


Interoperability testing is very important nowadays as different Software architectures are being built using different technologies. As these architectures has many different types so this operation is necessary for developing base for the users.

  • Interoperability testing includes the syntax of the program, format of the data, physical sufficiency, and logical connection method to help the user to use it easily.
  • This Interoperability testing should be so stable that it should route the data back and forth without any issue like losing the data or any issue in the functioning of the application.
  • Hence this Interoperability testing should be built in such a way that it should sustain and recognize all the data coming and going from the other software or the application.


  • It handles the stress in the architecture role.
  • It provides proper accessibility and hence giving the useful results.
  • This Interoperability testing is used in all the fields now a days.
  • One of the most important usage of Interoperability testing in the field of medicines. The details of the patients should be interoperable at many levels. This should ensure that patient's records will be transferred from one office to other. Hence the records will be digitalized and tested on the regular basis.
  • Hence this method is used in many fields of the society as they have the similar needs.

The main objectives of the Interoperability testing are:

  • Interoperability testing has to check and validate all the compatibilities that are required in the application under the test system. It determines if software is able to fulfill all the system requirements.
  • Interoperability testing should easily identify all the errors or the bugs that will arise while testing on both software and the hardware environments.
  • Interoperability testing should send the report to the development team so that they can fix the identified bugs.
  • Interoperability testing should easily help to make the application error free and ready to release.

As said the Interoperability testing is used in almost all the fields of the society. This is also used in the public safety. The public departments have to transform information in a wide range which is not possible by using the hardware application. Hence this Interoperability testing is used.

Interoperability testing is also used in the eGovernment departments. As there are many barriers between the citizens, business and public administrations, so exchanging data is highly difficult. The barriers like language, different specifications of formats and varieties of the categorization will be neglected by using the Interoperability testing for transforming the data from one system or the application to the other application.