Release Notes

What is Release Notes?

The release notes are the documents which are distributed with software products, when the product is under development stage or in test stage. It is organized for the products that have already in-use by clients. These notes are delivered to the customers after the release of an update.

Basically, the release notes are for the end-users, customers and the clients of an organization. It contains information about test results and information about test procedures. Such kind of information gives more confidence to the readers about the fixation/change has been done. And, these notes are written by the technical writers, project development lead, or project managers.

Release Notes Format

  • Header: This field contains document name, product title, release number, release date, etc.
  • Overview: A short description about product and changes, to get notified the essential role of a product.
  • Purpose: A short description about the purpose of the project, what are the main reasons behind developing this product.
  • Issue Summary:A short description about a bug found in the product and the enhancements made in release.
  • Steps to Reproduce: These steps are followed when bug is encountered.
  • Resolution:A small description about the modifications or enhancements done in order to fix a bug.
  • End-User Impact: The functional reactions of the end-user about the software product’s functionality and some observed changes that should be made in application.
  • Notes: The formal notes about the software and hardware installation, upgrades and some latest updates.
  • Disclaimers: Some important company’s standard product related messages like privacy, duplication, freeware, etc.
  • Contact: All essential contact details, in some urgency.

Types of Release Notes

  1. Internal Management, Testers DB Administrators: his type of release notes describes the changes made in the system so that project team also knows about the release.
  2. External Management for Clients and End Users: This type of release notes describes the changes so that users can see how development is going through while interacting with system.

Some Important Notes:

  1. Software releases explains what changes should make, what about deficiencies and some major defects in product release.
  2. The documentation has brief information about how to install or deploy software application.


Designing decent set of release notes increases the efficiency of release cycle and smoothens the overall process.