Structured Walkthrough

What is Structured Walkthrough?

A structured walkthrough is defined as a static testing technique which can be performed in a well-organized way, among group of peers in order to review and discuss all the technical portion of software development process. It is actually a procedure for re-validation of technical parts. Usually, structured walkthroughs are not used for technical discussions nor to discuss about the solutions of the issues. The aim is to detect errors but not the corrections. After the completion of walkthrough, the author is responsible for fixing all the issues.

Usually, standard walkthroughs are not used for technical aspects, also a discussion for defects found to make a system error-free.

Standard Walkthrough Members

  1. Author:Author of a document under review section.
  2. Presenter: The major task of a presenter is to develop an agenda for walkthrough and presents the output after review.
  3. Moderator: The moderator carryout or facilitates the entire walkthrough session along with the task of carrying out the walkthrough session in a desired direction to get expected output and to motivate each of the participants to review the product, throughout the session.
  4. Reviewer:The reviewers are responsible to evaluate the document under test to determine the technical accuracy.
  5. Scribe:Scribe is a recorder of structured walk-through who records all the issues or any other technical query such as suggestion, comment or question.

Benefits of Structured Walkthrough:

  1. It saves both time and money. Walkthrough is useful in detecting defects in the early stages of the software testing life cycle.
  2. It provides some value added comments from reviewers of distinct technical background and experienced individuals.
  3. This approach notifies about the actual progress of the development process to the project management team.
  4. It ensures the development & maintenance methodologies which provides professional growth to all participants.


It's a simple and structured procedure to review software processes and its important attributes. Structured Walkthrough is an organised approach that helps to analyse and detect all the potential defects present in the system.