Test Competence

What is Competency and why it is important?

The quality of being intellectual and well qualified that produce efficient output, is called competency. In some areas of software testing, it is important to test competency. The critical condition, where most of the factors are involved, which describes overall performance.

What is Competency Testing?

The competency testing is defined as a unique model to measure the competency, this type of testing may differ organization to organization. There are certain things common in every company or a tester is, the process to adequately test and analyse the performance. It also identifies a robust and cost effective tool to deliver appropriate assessments.

Important Measures to Determine Test Competency

  1. Data Organizations Strengths.
  2. Weakness in different areas.
    • Regulatory Criteria.
    • Recruitment and Selection.
    • Career Management.
    • Training & Development.
    • Performance Management.
    • Reward Management.
    • Accountability.
    • Expertise.

What Competency Testing Measures?

  1. Knowledge:It measures the amount of knowledge of individual as a tester or team manager. This is a base of testing, all future related outcomes depends on the knowledge of the tester. The one who has specific fundamentals knowledge to apply in the process can plays a prominent role in testing.
  2. Skills: A tester or a technician must expertise skill-set to apply in the testing methodology. A skill that makes an individual more effective to produce efficient results.
  3. Job Attitude: The ability to do any task with proper sense of dedication and interest that defines perfect job attitude. The one who pursue his/her task with all sorts of integrity resembles good job attitude which helps to produce appropriate outputs.
  4. Decision Making Abilities: At the time of software testing, there are various conditions in which, the technician who is responsible to make a decision about software product. The tester must have decision making abilities to make valuable decision on time.


In the advancement of technology, numerous applications have different functionalities and attributes. To cultivate productive output, it is necessary to perform competency testing. A tester or any technician, who has the ability to fulfil the competency measures in all aspect, can easily lead a project in correct path.