Popular Open Source Test Management Tools

What is Test Management?

A well-define and well-managed testing process guarantees best quality, with less efforts. Test Management is an approach towards achieving best quality in minimum efforts, through proper management of the software testing process, with the aid of specific tools, namely Test Management Tools.

Why Test Management?

  • To set up, well-defined outlines for improving the software quality.
  • To have easy access to test data for the teams, working across different geographical locations.
  • To manage the rapidly increasing software, along with increment in complexities and attributes associated with the software.
  • To empower developer, for ensuring lesser coding & designing error.
  • For effective and efficient usage of test resources, in order to complete project within deadlines.
  • For making the task of tracking the test cases, easier and simpler.
  • To ensure fasten, smoothen & unified testing process.


The task of test management is carried out, with the use of test management tools. Very often, these tools are multi-purposed as they are capable of performing multi-tasks such as tracking, logging, reporting and incident management. There are plenty of tools available in the market, based on requirements and budget. Have a look, on some of the popular open source test management tools.

Tarantula Agile Test Management Tool

Tarantula Test Management Tool, developed by Prove expertise, is one of the best open source tool for testing management, including agile testing, reporting & usability. It is, completely free and licensed under GNU GPLv3. Its features are:

  • Management of cases along with executions and requirements.
  • Smart Tags for agile testing.
  • Dashboard for viewing report and status of the project.
  • Provides metrics in terms of requirement & testing coverage and failures.


Testcube of Jatakasource is a web-based test case management tool, designed for the purpose of monitoring and amalgamation of enterprise-wide test cases. Some of its features are:

  • Complete package for managing the entire testing process, thereby diminishes the inconvenience of installation for separate application, needed for testing.
  • Instant access to data, through variety of dashboards, during administration of test cases.
  • Ease to access and share data across multiple teams.

XQual Studio

XQual Studio is an open source test management tool, efficient in managing the complete life-cycle of the testing project, from beginning to end i.e., users, specifications & requirement, development of project, tests, test strategies, reports and campaigns. It is recognized for

  • Open, Modular and 100% graphical designing.
  • Providing ALM solutions.
  • Strong bug tracking database.
  • Supporting multiple database like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB.
  • Executing fully automated and manual test cases.
  • Time-shifting feature.
  • Powerful Search Engine.


Radi is a light weight, test director tool, which needs minimal number of simple operations by the users. It is built in Python and is best for storing and viewing the test results for the image or builds in less effort. Some of its features are:

  • Security features like authentication, login and password.
  • Supports test plans configuration.
  • Alternative option for maintenance of results in spreadsheets.
  • Reports are generated in compatible format.
  • Creates backup for every information such as test plans, results, etc.


TestLink, developed by Team, is a widely used open source test management tool for web based management system that enables users to prepare, handle, execute and monitor test cases, so as to arrange them in to test plans. Below, given are some of its features.

  • Enables to create multiple accounts for assigning tasks to different users.
  • Supports both manual and automation.
  • Compatibility with most of the well-known defect tracking system such as BUGZILLA, JIRA, MANTIS, etc.
  • Support various format for reports generation such as Excel, Ms-Word, HTML, etc.
  • Ease of exporting and importing test cases.