Testing Healthcare application


A healthcare application is designed specifically for healthcare sector or to be precise, for hospitals, medical stores, clinics etc. Healthcare application keeps track of patient records such as date of appointment with a doctor, the patient’s medical record, list of medicines provided to him and so on.

There are many facets to a healthcare system's functioning. A healthcare system generally comprises of patients, insurance company, a regulatory authority.

An overview:

Testing Healthcare Applications

Now let us understand each entity of hospital management system as follows:

  • Insurance Company: An insurance company is an entity which provides support to an individual in monetary terms. It can be thought of as a process of reimbursing the amount invested by a patient during the process of treatment.
  • Patient: A patient is someone who comes to receive medical facilities and treatment at a health centre, which comprises of a trained group of doctors, nurses and medical facilities.
  • Regulatory Authority: It can be thought of as a governing or regulatory body that governs the functioning of any health centre. A regulatory authority offers a set of standards upon which the foundation of any healthcare system is based. Any grievance or discrepancy is handled by such a body without interference by any other authority or government.
  • Health care Vendors: Vendors, as we know, are the supplier of goods and services to a particular organisation. So when we talk about vendors in the context of healthcare, we refer to the people who may supply medical equipment, medicines and other aids for running the healthcare system.

After gaining a broad view of a typical healthcare system, we should understand few terms associated with the system before moving forward to the testing of a healthcare system.

Basic terms:

  • Provider - This refers to a doctor, lad, medical group, any hospital or any other entity that are licensed in order to provide healthcare facilities.
  • Claim - A claim is a reimbursement request to an insurance company to refund the amount incurred in the process of health care service.
  • Broker - A broker is a person who negotiates an insurance policy on behalf of the person who is to be insured.
  • Finance - The insurance companies that pay medical expenses.
  • Medicare - A health insurance plan meant for senior citizen and physically challenged people.
  • Medic- aid - An insurance program aimed at lower income groups.
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) - It is a standard that focuses on providing data privacy of insurance procedures and security for safeguarding medical information. This is a United States legislation Act that aims to offer help to those individuals who are affected by a certain disease or need medical attention for some pre-existing ailment.

Testing for HealthCare System:

We will understand how the concept of testing fits into a healthcare system application. By considering the above terms, we shall categorise testing of various aspects related to a healthcare application system.

Test Scenarios:

  • Access: This is simply to check whether a user is able to enter the system using his/her credentials or in case of a new user, the system must successfully save and store user information. The following entities may be tested :
    1. Provider
    2. Broker
    3. Patient
    4. Claim
    5. Finance
    6. Regulatory compliance
  • Flow of system: Flow of a system implies the levels of interaction taking place within an application. For instance, a user may wish to update their information in the database either by modifying the current user information or by adding new information into the database.
  • System integration testing - Talking about integration testing, we aim to verify working of all components together - finance, claim, provider portal and patient.
  • Portal testing - Portal is the interface that provides a medium for a user to view his/her account.


A healthcare system like any other software application needs a planned testing to ensure that the purpose for which it is developed is met.