Workflow Testing

What is workflow testing?

In today's times, various businesses are getting the process automated in order to improve the business efficiency by reducing the costs. The only goal of business process automation is to enhance the productivity of a business by streamlining it and to ensure that each workflow process accurately reflects the business process.

Being a new concept in itself, the business process automation is now adopting a trend of emerging business. During this process, important is to have a clear knowledge about what is workflow testing and how it is implemented? Also, the people involved in such type of testing must know how the strategies can be implemented while conducting workflow testing.

Workflow testing

Talking about functional testing, we are also facing a new changing trend that has revolutionized the way of software changing trend. It is known as workflow testing. It is a technique that helps in testing software which routes through a record by passing each workflow.

The tests are performed in such a manner that does not disturb the working flow of business process and workflow. It not only brings in huge exciting opportunities but also gets a lot of new sets of challenges. With a sole aim of ascertaining the functionality of business process automation is working in an expected manner or not. Also, it is essential to have good knowledge about whether the software is working on the supported browsers and operating systems.

It is found to be a specialized way of sub testing a domain that requires in depth of knowledge of a business flow.

What a software or workflow tester does?

  • Understands the entire workflow and process of flow and automation goals.
  • Have thorough knowledge about how each process moves forward.
  • Requires insight knowledge of various rules, events, notifications and tasks.
  • The role of workflow tester is not confined to focusing of functional aspect a selected process.
  • He or she is also responsible to handle the performance and security aspects of a software application.

Features of Workflow testing:

  • It is an integrated process of testing software that comprises of single events merging with other events to establish a continuous workflow.
  • The constant optimizing of process requires to be tested in order to maintain the quality.
  • It withstands a single responsibility is to undergo a rigorous testing of software applications and workflow of business before it goes live.
  • The workflow testing has successfully led to the end of traditional way of testing.
  • Serious bugs and defects reported by this process are often straight forward and direct.

Strategy followed in the process of workflow testing:

The workflow testing is divided into three phases. These are as follows:

1. Workflow analysis

In this phase, an initial analysis is done in order to learn about the requirements of the clients. This is done by simply going through the requirements of the clients. The requirements of the to-be process are laid down in this phase. To implement the business process, a process model blueprint is prepared by the clients. The analysis of test data is also conducted in this phase by undergoing an interpretation of analysis of data.

2. Workflow designing

In this stage, a workflow test is prepared. This test plan is based on the complete understanding of the business processes, rules and events taken place. The rule based scenarios are acknowledged by outlining different rules used in a business plan. Next, based on a user story of the workflow, knit workflow test cases that can be categorized in three different categories:

  • Business test report test cases.
  • Reports.
  • Rule based.

3. Workflow execution and monitoring

In this stage, the execution of workflow test cases is done on basis of rules and tasks. The defects are recognized and noted on the defect tracking tools. Post this; the business process features are re-examined. In addition to this, the test is repeated on the selected defects. Any discrepancies found will be reopened and informed to the team and published in four different locations:

  • Test Case Execution Report
  • Defect Report
  • Regression test report
  • Re-test report

Unlike the traditional way of testing, the process of workflow testing is new and innovative. To undergo this process, it is important to delegate this responsibility to someone who has the capability to think out of the box by taking utmost care of the requirements of process.