Durability Testing

What is durability testing?

Durability implies the ability to withstand a damage or load conditions. Durability is used to check the endurance capacity of an application under consideration.

Talking about software applications, durability check is an instrumental factor to comprehend a system’s ability to bear with the increasing threat conditions as well as the complexities involved in developing a software project. Durability testing can also be termed as performance testing which detects a system's performance under stress/load conditions.

The following parameters acts as a measuring criteria for assessing the durability of a software.

  • Memory Leaks.
  • I/O activity Levels.
  • Database resource consumption.

Along with such parameters, durability testing's core ideology is much more comprehensive in nature that has 'security' playing a major role.

It is indeed a very challenging task to provide a robust and durable product. It requires repetitive testing, identification of potential defects and rectifying them. Durability testing can be defined as the capacity of a product, material or system to meet its performance requirements.

Durability is a term closely related to reliability testing. Reliability can be thought of as interruptions in usage in the product.

 Durability Testing

Durability testing's central idea revolves around a computer's ability to regain a steady state in which it was prior any load condition inflicted on it. Hence durability and reliability go hand in hand in the competitive and dynamic market of the modern era.

Durability - Reliability - Performance - Security (an unbreakable chain)

Report- Computerworld:

Let us have a glimpse at a famous security threat posed by malwares named 'Nimda' and 'Code Red'. According to the reports from the columns of an esteemed newspaper - Computerworld, Gartner refuted installation of Microsoft's IIS servers on machines due to attacks on systems which invigorated mass mailing-mailing attacks on Windows systems - 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000.

Nimda attacks were capable of penetrating security walls via internet based email services as well as Web browsers, as a whole.

Note:Nimda is a computer malware, the likes of Code Red and Sadmind, has been efficiently been able to surpass network security and create a mass havoc in an economy.

As a result the Government of US and other countries have shifted their emphasis on software projects thereby investing a handsome amount on them to ensure that IT researchers and programmers indulge more into the subject to devise new algorithms to counter cyber threats. According to reports $5.5 million have been funded by National Science Foundation to a certain project, the league continues till date.

The analysis of such threats tells us the importance of conducting a durability test on every major browsers and application to ensure that malwares aren't a threat to an application's sustenance in the long run.

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Durability testing - a step towards a robust application:

Durability testing can thus be viewed as an interruption in the performance of a product during its life span. Thus durability and reliability testing are needed to assess a software product.

Durability/Reliability testing should thus aim at the following :

  • It must involve users in an environment similar to a real situation, testing the product.
  • A reliability test must reflect a sample coming from a real world production environment.
  • Reliability test should be aim at validation testing and not just confine itself to verification tests.


It is important to understand the importance of durability and reliability testing in order to produce a product that accomplishes the needs of the end user, efficiently. The benefits this testing technique offers is a quality end product.

A combination of right resources, experience and knowledge act as a guiding light for shaping the right product in the right manner.

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