White Box Testing vs Grey Box Testing vs Black Box Testing

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White Box Testing (WBT):

White box testing technique focuses on testing a software product for bugs or errors with complete knowledge of the product's programming logic or code.

Gray Box Testing (GBT):

In gray box testing, a tester makes efforts to identify and locate bugs and errors with partial knowledge of the product's internal code structure or programming logic.

Black Box Testing (BBT):

Contrary to WBT, black box testing approach does not requires any prior knowledge of the internal coding structure or logic to test a software application for identifying and locating bugs.

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Differences between WBT, GBT and BBT:

black box, white box and gray box

White Box Testing Grey Box Testing Black Box Testing
1. Tester has full knowledge of internal programming logic of the IT product under test. 1. Testing is based on functional specifications and documented view of the product. 1. Tester has no knowledge of the internal workings of the IT product under test.
2. Execution of this type of testing is the exclusive domain of the testing and development team. 2. In addition to testers and developers, GBT can also be performed by the end users. 2. Can be performed by testers, developers and the user community.
3. Since lack of detailed knowledge of the codes is not a problem, WBT can proceed by verifying the system boundaries and data domains inherent in the application. 3. If known, the testing can proceed by validation of data domains and the internal boundaries within the system of the product. 3. Since the task of the tester is hindered by lack of information regarding the structural code within the product, the approach towards testing involves a trial and error method.
4. Sample space for test inputs to be used for creating test cases is the smallest. 4. The sample space for test inputs is small. 4. The sample space for test inputs is pretty huge and the largest among all.
5. Designing of test cases takes a long time. 5. Designing of test cases may or may not take too much of time depending upon availability of the functional specifications. 5. A quick designing of test cases is possible.
6. WBT is considered perfect for algorithm testing. 6. It has not been found suitable for algorithm testing. 6. Not suitable for algorithm testing.
7. It is the most time consuming form of testing. 7. Time taken for GBT lies in the intermediate range between WBT and BBT. 7. It is the least time draining form of testing.
8. Not used for testing product resilience against viral attacks. 8. Not used for testing of security features of software products. 8. Has its application in testing resilience of the software against malicious code attacks.
9. Revelation of hidden flaws is simple. 9. Difficult to find out hidden errors. 9. Difficult to find out hidden errors.
10. Also known as open box testing, clear box testing, structural testing and logic driven testing 10. Also called as Translucent testing. 10. Also called as specifications based testing and opaque testing.

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