Reliability Testing

Reliability Testing
The "reliability test" is described as - "The possibility of failure -free software operation for a specified period of time in given environment, it is not a direct function of time."

Reliabilty act as a key to software testing and hence makes the software quality better. Reliability testing is a part of functional and non -functional testing both to determine the various problems in the software functionality and designing software.

Objectives of Reliability Testing

To test the performance of software under a particular condition is the main the objective of Reliability testing.

  • To discover the perceptual structure of repetitive breakdown.
  • To find the numbers of failures, that occurs in a predetermined measure of time.
  • To locate the mean existence of the software.
  • To find the primary driver of failure.
  • Checking the execution of various units of programming in the wake of taking preventive actions.

Types of Reliability Tests

There are three types of tests involved:

  • Feature Test: Feature testing is conducted to check the features given by the software.
    • At least once, every function in the software ought to be executed.
    • The interaction between two or more function ought to be diminished.
    • Every function ought to execute completely.
  • Regression Test: This testing is always done when new version or updating of software is build. Regression testing is required when the new function is added, and "old" function is removed and to check that no new bugs have been introduced in the application.
  • Load Test: This test is concluded to confirm the functionality of the software under the conditions of highest work load. Keeping in a mind to find the changing point of software, the abundance is step by step wider until the software gets Hung, breakdown, occupied and so on. At this edge, the application set accurately and anything from this point will give failure or lack of quality mode to an application.

Importance of Reliability Testing:

As now, the massive usage of software application has been involved in almost every field like defense, industrial, government, health and care. Here, the "Reliability" becomes a major question? Because the organization can rely on the reliable software for the working and can feel confidence for their business on the software. Following are the required measurement for reliability testing:

  • Test cases ought to cover all the necessary functionality of the application and all these ought to be executed for an adequate measure of time for receiving the rough estimate of software execution without any failure. Such test ought to be executed for a long time as the spectator on the environment level of failure like buffer overflows, memory error, data base, deadlocks, etc. which need time to appear.
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  • The sequence of test case should coordinate the genuine operational plan of the application. The more often function of the software is performed; more the benefits of test cases allocates the module and the function of a software application.
Reliability testing is crux process because it involves a lot of technical skills and a lot of experience on the resources for testing. This testing is costly than the other functional testing as this testing is a bit complex to discover the break point of the application.