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In the age of digital world, we are surrounded by too many software’s. These software need to be tested on timely basis and because of which we require a need to test them on a regular basis. With various testing tools available in the industry, one can be assured about the functionality of the software whether they are in working condition or not. In order to make a best choice of software tools, a careful selection of tools should be done on the basis of requirements of project and commercial.

Importance of Testing Tools

  1. It helps in identifying defects and pin point errors made during the development phase.
  2. These tools are reliable and ensure complete satisfaction.
  3. It facilitates delivery of high quality products or software application.
  4. It often results in providing one of the effective software performances.

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The testing tools are broadly divided in three different categories:

  1. Open source tools
  2. Proprietary tools

The Open Source Tools are available for free. These tools can be easily adapted to the needs and requirements of software. These tools are further divided into broader categories. These are as follows:

  1. Test Management Tools.
  2. Functional Testing Tools.
  3. Load Testing Tools.

Test Management Tools: These tools are used to save information that is related to give a detailed explanation of how the testing is planned to take place. These types of test are further segregated in few categories.

  • TET (Test Environment Toolkit):This type of toolkit is created with a sole intention to establish a test driver that includes current and anticipated future needs of testing in a community of test development.
  • TETware:The technique is known as Test Execution Management. It is used to administration of tests, create sequence of tests, generate reports of the test and result in a standard format. As per this testing tool, the user can work on a single, standard, and test harness process. This process helps in delivering software projects on time. This tool can be downloaded on the FTP software.
  • Test Manager:This is a one of a kind automated software testing tool that is used in managing day to day activities. This tool is developed by Java Programming Language. With these tools you can expect to enhance the regular software related activities, along with automating and managing the testing activities.
  • RTH:It is also known as “Requirements and Testing Hub”. It is an open source test management tool that utilizes requirement management tool.

The other types of testing tools other than this are discussed next.

  • Functional Testing Tools:These types of tools are popularly known to test the functionality of the software. Various software is found in this category. These are as follows:
    1. Selenium.
    2. Saop UI
    3. Wattir.
    4. HTTP: Recorder.
    5. Solex.
    6. Quick test Pro.

  • Load Testing Tools:These tools help in ensuring a good performance that assures no crash stress software application. Various software available in this category are as follows:
    1. WebLoad Professional.
    2. HP LoadRunner.
    3. LoadStorm.
    4. NeoLoad.
    5. Loadtracer.

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