Test Deliverables

What are Test Deliverables ?

'Deliverables' are simply the end product of the entire testing process conducted by the testing team. Few deliverables are produced at the end, few during the testing process and few before testing completes. A test deliverable gives a reasonable analysis on the various aspects of the project being tested. A deliverable is an outcome that is given to a client. We can think of a deliverable as a software product, a design document etc. Test deliverables helps to determine whether the project is moving in the right direction or not, and what all strategies we need to adopt to rectify any discrepancy. When a product is being developed, it's testing technique lies at the discretion of developers and testers, collectively. Generate failure reports, note the bug fixes and deploying the right product is the ultimate goal of the people engaged in software development process.

List of Test Deliverables :

  • Test specification document -This document contains a detailed summary of the scenarios that are going to be tested, the way they will be tested and how often the testing activity is going to be performed.
  • Test Plan document -A test plan document is a blueprint for carrying out testing process. It lists the sequence of activities that follows.
  • Test strategy -This describes the way/approach that will be followed in the process of achieving testing target. It includes the test objectives, methods to test new functions, time and resources required for the project and test environment.
  • Test scenario document -Such a document simply depicts the flow of application. A test scenario document helps to make sure that every process flow is tested thoroughly.
  • Test design standards -Standards are the formally defined ways or rules that lays the foundation upon which the design of tests is prepared.
  • Test case document -The test case document enlists the various combinations of input and output that produces a pass or fail report. Based on the report, further rectifications or updates are decided upon.
  • Traceability Matrix -A traceability matrix is prepared to map the requirements with specifications. The traceability matrix is followed throughout the entire process of validation to ensure that requirements are not compromised with. This document is updated as the project progresses.
  • Test execution reports -This document contains the test results and the summary of test execution activities.
  • Test logs -A log report is a complete list of series of test execution activities. It is a precise report of the passed or failed tests, contains details regarding test operations and states the reasons behind passed or failed activities.
  • Bug reports -A bug report is simply a document enlisting all the errors generated through a test.
  • Test data -The data or input provided to the application with the intent of fetching some results, are called test data.
  • Test Metrics -The measuring mechanisms for analysing a product's efficiency and its degree of complexity are termed as test metrics. Test metrics have various models and formuleas for calculating results.
  • Test status reports -Status report is that document which is prepared with an aim to track the progress of the application. Status report can be prepared on a periodic basis, may be, weekly, to list the accomplishments till that time, the work that remains pending, and a milestone analysis.