What's User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is all about?

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

As it names speaks itself- UAT is a testing to get the final approval from the client or the consumers before the product launched in the market. This formal testing is the final and one of the most crucial testing rather than other testing, because the testers make sure that the software can handle all the tasks with specification and without any fail.

User acceptance testing alludes as Beta, Application, End User testing, most often known as "real world" testing. In simple, this test is accessible for the clients to get associated with the software and to sort out everything likewise capabilities, data and so forth.

Types of user acceptance testing

  • ALPHA TESTING: Alpha testing can perform by potential users before the product is released in the market. The feedback or the collected result from the alpha testing is significantly used to fix bugs or defects, and it is feasible to improve the usability of the product.
  • BETA TESTING: Otherwise known as "field testing"; provides leads for the improvements in the product. Beta testing has been occurred by constrained users and takes action on all the reported bugs after bug triage. Only then the software take gets ready for release.
  • BLACK BOX TESTING: Basically, black box testing is functional testing, but it can also be a type of user acceptance testing (to some extent). This method of testing investigates some particular issues without letting know about the internal code structure to a tester. The tester can only work on the requirements of software that are necessary to meet.

What are The Best Practices for UAT?

Keep few major points before doing UAT which ensures your success at the end:

  • Make a checklist.
  • Always make a UAT plan before proceeding.
  • Setting of expectation and scope of UAT should be clear.
  • Try to avoid system tests and do test end to end business flow.
  • Try to test the application relevant to real world scenarios.
  • Think like a stranger or a newcomer to the system.
  • Usability testing.
  • Meetings and feedback sessions are important before production.

UAT is the best way to know "what to expect and what not to expect" means this testing is "mirror testing" for the client about the product.